“Imposition of tax is computer mistake”.

Special Reporter

Gilgit, October 11: Responding to a news item published in the national press about imposition of tax on employees of the GB government, an official of the AGPR has clarified that no tax has been imposed in the region.  The news item had it that the employees of federal government had not been taxed.

“It is a technical mistake only”, the official said. “The computer software is used throughout the country and it automatically deducts 3 % tax on salaries”, the official further explained. He also said that the deducted amount will be paid with the next month’s salaries.

There was an uproar in segments of the society against the news of tax imposition in Gilgit – Baltistan region. However, some circles are of the opinion that the resource constrained GB government needs to levy taxes to generate resources of better governance.

Despite of the ‘clarification’ by the AGPR there seems to be confusion about the real situation. Some people argue that the ‘clarification’ might be an effort to cover up the real situation.

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