[Pictory] Unrest in Ghizar

by Noor Akbar

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    1. we r in faver of nawaz khan naji but its fact that PPP won by margen. so we have to accept the results. so plz dont blam any one for ragging.

  1. We the people of Puniyal valley are really greatful to the team of Pamir time for being with us while the hard time due to the mishap occured in our region during the fraud election and murder of innocent live.
    we found it as the only mean to highllite the issue as the media was silent observer

    Thanx You

  2. It is always darkest before the dawn.
    After this Pir karam Ali shah has to be see the Darkness of his life.
    I have one suggestion, you are not eligible to lead this nation please quit do not play with our emotion.

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