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[Election 2009] Who shall lead us? – V

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  1. Hello Mr shame,
    what do you think, who shall lead usif not (PPP, PML N/Q) then who, what kind of identity you are using now????????????????
    what it seems that you are belonging to someone who dont have any identification,,,,,,,, isn’t it?
    The plate you eat in, you spit in it…..?

  2. Khan Bahadur, it seems has embarrassed, disgraced and humiliated himself more than anybody else in expressing those few absurd words in the context.

    Hope the PT readership will pardon him for this act of badmouthing. He will perhaps learn a lesson, in an undesirable manner, though.

    One should always be respectful to other’s viewpoint, no matter, how offended.

  3. People think decisions of our destiny will make by others. this is the reason that others rule us and also encouraging that others would be Well come.

    They just for the purpose of earning through Batha, through Public fund. So they want their existence.

    We should ruled by own people not those who from outsiders and take dictation from them.

    This is the reason we divided and not united by Gilgit to Baltistan. We should encourage our local leaders who nationalist.They know our culture, demands and basic needs.

    Kaira will not do for us he taken vote from Punjab and ruled us.You feel proud to be favouring MQM,PPP,Muslim League and thats way we are not part of Assembly.If they sincere why our members are not in that Assemblies.
    Think without favoring for God’s sake

  4. mr xyz and probono..!!!!
    Khan Bahadur is 101% right, and he has used very polite words for those of the Timid, Selfish, Lier, fraud, Un-Educated and so called Leaders…..!!! Both of U are defending Federal Parties and u’re scolding Mr. Bahadur, it’s really absurd, u’re not in this world dears, open ur eyes, We Are Awakening, now U should Teach ur illogical, baseless, useless, aimless, purposeless lessons to someone else.
    If u are quite confident over ur comments, i hope next comment from ur side will be coming through ur Real ID….!!!!!
    I Strongly Agree to Khan Bahadur, it really doesn’t suit a Slave to Count himself among the Rulers.
    Please brothers, think… The people u’re defending got nothing to do wid U nd Me.
    Love Ur Home first and then Talk about the Cleanising of the whole area…!!!

  5. Dear Hyder …..

    It looks nice when we say so with out assessing our capacity and others… I am not sure who you are but with this approach you can not achieve your goals or objectives and what so ever…. we have been knowing about nationalists in the area but still they are failed to get credability which is the key to any movement of what so ever.
    My dear friend we have to build our capacities first and than can go for others and among them, credability, resources and awareness are fundamentals

  6. Nationalists…!!! is it da duty of only nationalists dear bro, to work alone fr da nation, i really do appreciate ur kind comments, but u’re also a part of dis system, come inside dear, our land needs people like u. i scolded above persons coz, they are cursing a Local for da sake of sum fake parties in G-B.
    why do u think that u’re a third party just watching da show..!!!

    one important fact about our Leaders for my brothers round here,

    Gen Pervez Musharraf was going to transfer da Authorities to da chief exective og G-B, but some of our Assembly members met him and requested him not to Transfer da Authority coz thoz people will not be able to Run da System, thoz people will deprive minor communities here frm their rights…!!!

    daer, wot could u say about them huh, they did da same when gen zia formed a 14 member committee to design da Provincial set-up fr G-B, if thoz assembly members didn’t show their rel face, at this time we might do have a provncial set-up.
    plz, try to know about thier role in da past,
    i’m sorry to all thoz who’re hurt due to earlier harsh comments of mine..

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