Wed. Jun 16th, 2021

Gilgit – Danoyore Bailey Bridge being removed as part of preparedness measures

A Baily Bridge constructed  on the Hunza River between Gilgit and Danyore is being removed to save it from the impending threat posed by the lake formation near Attabad. The National Highways Authority has instructed commuters to use alternative routes. However, the people of Hunza – Nagar and Danyore have said that removal of the bridge would isolate the entire region by disconnecting supply routes. Some observers are of the opinion that the bridge near Nomal, a possible alternate, is also highly vulnerable and it will even not be able to survive a minor flood.

Some circles have feared that disconnection of the supply routes would lead to food insecurity in the region.

The government says that food is being stored in the region for a period of three to six months and all measures are being taken to eliminate food insecurity.

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