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Profile – Zarar Gul Muhammad


Zarar, born in Shimshal Valley, represents the generation of ou region’s children who are opening their eyes in a time and space where their confused society is hastily trying to choose bits from the past and cobble those up with bits from the present, to survive and prepare for the future.

 (Photo by Shujaat Ali, Text by Nur – PT

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  1. thank you Jajad and Nur for Putting my Zarar on this site! yeah truely representing New generations and Wakhi culture on this site!seems half confuded 🙂
    May Mulaa Bless you !

  2. Mashalla, Zarar makes the perfect poster child for the next generation of Shimshalis. With the wisdom of the land and his people, he will find the perfect balance to bridge the old and the new just as you all balance yourself against the dangerous currents of the rivers. This is our belief.


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