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New Commments Etiquette for Pamir News Blog

Dear Readers

Pamir News Blog has emerged as a very effective medium in bridging gaps of distances and time. Our readership has increased manifolds and so has the number of comment we receive increased exponenetially. It is encouraging to see that 275 posts on Pamir New Blog has, so far, received more than 1300 comments. This means that on average every post on Pamir News Blog received around five comments.

Interactivity is the biggest strength of Pamir News Blog. However, as this blog has a diverse audience with different sensibilities and opinions harsh language and the use of profanity, hate speeches or use of threatening language is not allowed nor will it be tolerated. We consider all the readers of Pamir News Blog as part of a famiy and expect that in our converstations we will behave in the same way that we behave inside our homes.

If you want your comments to appear in front of the readers of Pamir News Blog please abide by the rules. To read the rules click HERE.

The comments Etiquette is also available in the header menu of Pamir News Blog.


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  1. Dear Noor & zulfiqar and all of your Pamir News team
    This is a great site and while I’m sure you charge like the light brigade for your services, the comfort and usefulness of the free information you provide here is invaluable. Thanks and feel good that you are aiding a lot of people in a highly important and stressful part of their lives.
    I understand there’s a lot of work that went behind this and I want to pass on my sincere appreciations. Great work!
    my respectful regards to you people.
    Roomi (AKU)

  2. Dear Noori & Zulfi,
    This is a very good iniatiative for seting norms for the commentators whosoever wants to express his/her views/opinions against the reported news. This is wondful indeed. As we emphasize the reporters or writers to be objective while having reporting or address an issue; so also holds true for the readers to be very careful in giving our comments expressed through our writings; although the readers are not included as thier comments do not come in any form on PT.

    Very good and thanks once again hope that we’ll tryp our level best to abide by your set norms (rules) highlighted in your writing, even though I couldn’t get access to the details after clicking on.

  3. The Pamir Times is also an excellent example of a very focused, regional blog, hence it has earned a special place on the front page of blog as one of the featured RSS feed. Hopefully other regions will follow your lead for the betterment of the local communities.


  4. Dear NOOR,

    Not a matter of worry, just collect the inputs assign some one to secrutanize the feed back and plan in the light of these inputs for the comming elections specially in Upper part of Hunza Gojal

  5. Dear NOOR and Zulfi
    It is need of the day, and you are the first to put the unheard voice of the community to such a platform where they can be in touch to all that are alive to be alive. But dear friend let me suggest one thing to fight to the truth and reality no matter who is involved. We are voice less with one to listen, educated just with vision of Kitchen (limited to personal benifites). We are at one place for thousand years without proper identification and appreciation, controlled by forces powered with many. We are afraid salve of inbuilt norms and boundaries. You have taken a big task to give them voice, hope and most of all identification, which is not and will never, be easy in future too. You should consider all these issue before marking a line. Sometime there are issues that are so much confused that it needs a loud voice and true to the point opinion. People have great expectation from this(Pamir Time ) and I’m positive to PT to achieve the entire set goal that community need on many issues.
    Moreover, as for commenter’s like me mostly called as pessimistic, cynical, operate who are always negative about issues and out of the world or school of thoughts. But please feel free to me on such issues I don’t want to be a hampering agent to goal or PT your TIME. If you want me to stop commenting, I will.
    Because voice is to be heard not to hurt
    Song of the day (by Zeeqlu)
    World is changing so should we
    Weak we are, reason ambiguity
    Leave the abstract and follow the concrete
    Time is vocation, answer with passé athletic
    Tradition and values sublime we possess, some to follow few look over
    Human complete we are, together men and women confused still progress
    Why let in-depth ignorance to cut wings of dimension, of evolution, of vision
    Of knowledge, of attitude upbeat, of recognition, of sublimity of thought
    Let s be not only one but the step of breadth, to renaissance of words, to regeneration height thoughts
    To revitalization hands to perfection
    Let’s make eyes filled, with image to grow, with community concord, with knowledge indigenous and contemporary to proper grow
    Time constant never amplified need to steps, to approach, to grip, to voice, to listen, to suggestion and more to restoration and to innovation
    Let’s all get from sleep of oppression, of confusion, of depth bottom of self ignorance
    Let be one to act on the stage of universality to gain, to tell purity and more
    Explore, what we posse to know, life which present but always have been NO
    LET start what we are born, called complete and the ONE, the THOUGHT SUBLIME and VISION LOFTIER
    Let resonate the song of the day together, be recognize as a Nation
    In the end its Zeeqlu plea to be free

  6. Dear Noor and members of PT,
    This plateform provided is indeed meant for bridging the gaps and generating ideas for a good cause.So far its role has been remarkable and we hope that the same enthusiasm and zeal will persist in the readers to make it stronger than the strong.
    This plateform is a source of learning for us and Imam of the time has clearly mentioned in his farmanabout the knowledge society.we being the members of a moderate society must come up with the demands and requirements of the time.
    We must not follow the tracks towards demoralization.The technology we are using should boast up the quality of our living and the morality to add values to our life.
    I hope that we would be able to make this plateform a really knowlegable and informative one.
    I wish every one of you all the best.
    Aslam Ghalib

  7. Dear Zeeqlu

    I don’t think you are a pessimist. Your burning desire to change a few fabrics, if not th entire society, is a beacon of hope, energy and zest for the silent amongst us.

    This forum shall function as a cohesive medium that attracts all of us, rather than the opposite!! If all the forces of our society can make PT a point of confluence, I am sure you will agree, there will be the loudest impact of even the meager murmurs that we will make. If we, on the other hand, don’t behave objecitvely this forum, like the rest, is doomed to failure. People will still frequent it but the caliber of deliberations that want to attain will not be there.

    Word must contain energy because if they don’t they might not reach their intended audience. But the energy shall not be so overwhelming that people close their ears and stop listening 🙂

    I am sure you can read between the lines.



  8. dear this is a great platform for all and grat job for updating and informing about our areas so it is also a medium for intraction and different ideaswhich we got from our people throught this so keep it up .

  9. Dear dear again Dear
    at the moment have been out for words, that I should be in disscussion with you at some other its is your palce and your are the rule
    Dear its easy to say and read between lines but very hard to go for minds ………

    Best of regards

  10. ME aikela hi chala tha janiby manzil magr… Log sath hoty gayai aur carwan banta gaya…
    Bravo!!! Khuda kary zory qalam aur ziyada.

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