PML (N) top leadership in Hunza

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Gilgit, May 24: Top leadership of Pakistan Muslim League (N), including Mian Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif (CM – Punjab), Raja Zafar – ul – Haq, among others, is visiting disaster hit parts of Hunza valley today.

The leaders were received at Gilgit airport by Syed Mehdi Shah, chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan.

It is pertinent to note that the flux of leaders into Hunza valley has increased sporadically as the lake drama that has terrorized thousands across the valley for the past five months nears its logical end.

Leaders of MQM, Jamat – e – Islami and other political parties have also visited the region recently to ‘express’ solidarity with the people.

Jamat – e – Islami has also donated five ambulances for the relief operations.

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  1. “Great game of politics over the death warrant of Atta Abad Lake,,,,,,May Allaha Save Hunzutuz,,,,”

  2. If all these promises will be implimented then we will give comment other wise it is useless to waste their time with these politicians who are just making false statements and promises since the begining of the disasters.

  3. The Great Game, where anyone can be soft at anytime, result we cant get and understand. What is the timing and how and why like this, so massive, what will be the effect of this on restof teh countrty, why both the Sharif Bro, are here both,

    what they want form the people of narrow valley, who are busy saving their life and slef to be called people of a land underwater.

    Can teh Sharif family feel the feeling of the man who as lost all and is still hoping to be saved , he is form Ayeenabad, or Attababd……………………….

  4. All the political parties are visiting Hunza especially Altit Hunza to meet the IDPs of Atta abad but nobody goes to Upper Hunza Gojal where the people are on daily basis losing their houses and properties. Almost four villages have submerged in the water especially Ayeen ababd which is completely in the water but nobody cares for them. Media is focusing only the IDPs of Attaabad. The realities and miseries the Gojali people are not even highlighted by the media. Mr. Wazir Baig is leading the political parties, why he does not arrange the visit of the political parties to Gulmit and Shishkat. All these activities show our leaders’ biasness toward Gojal

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