[Pictory] Latest Photographs from Ayeenabad, Shishkat and Gulmit

Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan for Pamir Times


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  1. Its Shocking.!!!!

    All the pictures showing here seems that,,, There is no Safety and Emergency Precautions Taken..@ all on these boats.

    All the people in the Boat are riding without any Safety jackets also most of the Boats are over Loaded with cargo goods and this can cause a major Accident,Where as for Sure 99.9% of the people from this region do not know how to Swim.Specailly in this disaster lake,
    With due Request please check all the images and pictures for proof..Most of the Boats are Without any Safety.

    Please! its requested that passangers must travel in seprate boats for crossing this lake and cargo small ships can travel with few concern persons on board. Other wise its very very important any more loss We the people from Gojal can not face.
    With immedate effect its kindly Request from all the Authority and from all the concern persons who are running this show at the Ayeen abad and Gojal lake,Please bring Some Procedures to action, It will be nice if Some can really look into the Safety of the common People and do not let them travel in Cargo ships where as passanger can Travel in Groups in Passanger boats and i hope somone who knows the Safety of its people can ride these boats.

    There is more chances of Drawning of people into this lake.

    I will be very glad is the Gilgit-Baltistan can take notice of these Passanger and Cargo Boats.

    We all are Concern for the Safety of our People and our Mother land. God bless Gojal.God bless Gilgit-Baltistan

  2. this picture show the diffucelties of the people of gojal.the people were treveling in the boat without any safety so i appel govt.for to do about this.

    junaid akhter passu

  3. Mr. Zulfiqar is doing great job sacrificing his time what about the relief to the IDPs and the Notification we have not seen the details of the Notification. Kindly give the details of the Calamity Hit Area Notification released by the Governor.

    Rehmat Karim


  4. I am amazed from the so called Ex Governor Mr Qamar Zaman Qaira, Who in his interview once said “our men will plug the Spillway in a week” Week was too short, they can’t did it in two months. Now the result is in front of us.What a corrupt Government officials and what a corrupt NDMA, In real we hate the Superficial Government for doing nothing to the deserving citizens.

  5. i am already aware of this horrible situation, we can not stop this slow onset flood but we can prepare them how to save their lives, families’ lives ans stock lives. i am requesting to all please pray for Hunza to save it from up coming disaster.

    May God protect all Hunza people from this situation(Ameen)

    pictures has been taken very clear and focused.

    kind regards

  6. this is very seriuse problom government should take parts in this matter otherwise this is very dangerous

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