Affectees of Gojal have primary labouring rights at Hussaini boatyard, Progressive Youth Front and Labour Party of Pakistan

Press Release 

Hunza, August 7: People of Gojal who have been directly affected by the dammed Hunza River have primary labouring rights over the Hussaini Boatyard.

These views have been expressed in a press release issued by the Progressive Youth Front and Labour Party of Pakistan.

“There are no two opinions about the fact that the people of Gojal Valley affected by the dammed Hunza River have primary labouring rights at the Hussaini Boatyard”, the release states.

“All the people of Hunza – Nagar and Gilgit – Baltistan should accept the fact and the support the demand of the people of Gojal, failing the government’s and administration’s atnti-people ploy to divide the public on ethnic, sectarian and regional lines”, it further says.

PYF and LPP have also expressed ‘complete solidarity’ with the labourers of Gojal Valley.

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