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Peaceful Silk Route Dry Port Trust Demonstrations: In pictures

Pictorial story of the peaceful protest by women, men and children at the Silk Route Dry Port that segments of the region’s press termed to be “violent” to please their masters. [Photos for Pamir News by Hameed]


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  1. he peaceful public demonstration in Sost against the corrupt practices of Mir and his family, clearly demonstrate a resurgence of political consciousness among the people of Hunza. Men, women, old and young all zealously participated in this apparently peaceful protest. T

    he resistance mounted by the brave people of Sost and others must be applauded. This demonstration will go down in the political history of Hunza as a watershed event when people have actually risen up against injustice and corruption. In a world where democratic voices and democratic resistance movements are increasingly getting legitimacy, we must support these sorts of activities. Policy-makers in the region should encourage and foster this sort of healthy activism wherever and whenever things go wrong.

    It is ironic that Ghuzamfar along with his stooges paid a visit last week to Gulmit and inspected the work on the Gulmit Shawaran. The intention of the visit was to portray to the public of Gojal as if he is still committed in the development of our region. Some news blurbs in the local press also appeared in which Ghuzamfar was quoted criticising Musharraf government for not doing enough to address issues of Giligit-Baltistan. These are standard tactics adopted by vulnerable and corrupt politicians. It is disgusting that he brings himself to limelight when his own personal stakes are challenged. He sympathises with the public when elections loom ahead. These are Ghumafar’s time-tested tactics. Now the people have understood what he is really up to. It is time now to let him know that enough is enough. Ghuzamfar should now be stopped.

    Best regards

    ali al-Hakim

  2. Only the pics of demo are there, no narrative story,,,,,can you add here the story line.

  3. Very rightly said, the voice that could not reach Pakistan. It might reach there, but no one will understand. They might understand it, but in a different way. We are the voiceless people of this great nation. A nation we are very proud of. A country we love more than ourselves, our lives and honor. The green flag guarding the graves of the sons of this nameless land is the evidence of our love and affection. We are crying for the last many decades, but each and every government gives us few dolls and candies. We are crying for our identity, name, constitutional right and equal citizenship rights, but who cares. It is also one of such cries, but this time telling the government a different story.

    Ghar ko hi aag lag gayi ghar ke charagh se..


  5. Congratualtion to all the GOJALIES leaving arround the World. We as Gojalees and Hunzukhuz are a peace loving people this was proved by the people on this very critecal occasions.

    This is the prove that, we as Gojalees are more civilised people in the present serena of the world.

    I speciall congrats to the new Management of DPS with a wishe that inshallah they ll prefer the peoples welfare and wellness on their on wishes and individually well being.

  6. Thanks God! This shameful episode is not part of national news, what we have to say to the world and suppose to be heard, as how idiotic, pathetic, disintegrated, cunning and opportunist people, we are and how we brought this shame episode to our people just for the sack of individual interest.

    One can’t understand why we are agitating?? Are we agitating for our right, for the injustices, Or for our foolish, acquisitiveness nature and mal-intention?

    It’s rightly said that “A fool may be known by six things; Anger, without cause, Speech; without profit, Change; without progress, Inquiry; without object, putting trust in a stranger and mistaking foe for friend”

    Exactly a year back these people were there agitating in the same way guarding the interest of our lord “MIR”; today we are again there to defend what…..??

    I don’t know why we are today worth of sympathies, and one should voice for our right and injustices, when we gracefully accepted the chain of slavery, by rending our land, property, and services at the disposal of Lord MIR, ignoring our poor brothers of Hunza, especially Gojal who were with each other through thick and thin.

    Today, if we have realized our mistakes, we should publicly apologies first from Mullah and second from the people of Gojal for our mal-intentioned deeds. Secondly all the collaborators who collaborated with MIR for deceiving the innocent people of the Gojal, should be publicly exposed.

    I pray, the stand which the people has taken late but right, should succeed! And it should be lesson for us.

  7. Gentle rulers of the past 60’s, the time has changed, people changed, their minds changed. now every individual is the king and every individual is the king of their wills, let the struggle go on, the new generation is now very much prepared to face these challenges. really brave,well done all those who just took the initiative. but lets join hands in this regard, then we will be able to knock out the intruders from the region.

  8. “Conquering a Land is easier than Administering it “ is a right proverb fitted in Sost dry Port situation. We have always been very energetic and emotional in erecting projects but the success story of running it behind any project has so far been very few rather none.
    .First Congratulation to the new Management for taking over the port. There are a lot of challenges in front of the management which will really testify their competency and leadership qualities. The top one is to keep united the people of Gojal who have so far been disintegrated on the issues of port management.
    It should be responsibility of the management to address the grieves ness of the people of the area and address the root causes of the conflict. The transparency and openness of the management regarding to interest of the people of Gojal should always be kept to the top of the priorities..
    In past, few leaders from Gojal always axise their own grind and harmed the image of Gojal. They worked for their own individual interest. Such mistakes of the past will be a lesson for the new management. By repeating such deeds will be a catastrophic for the people of Gojal.

    We need to realize our self as why once we standby one group and on the other day we stand against of it, is a clear indication that we are not clear even our self. Our leader should be competent and Visionary. They should have a clear objectives and competency of understanding of any project.

    Port should be utilized to the socio-economic uplift of the people of Gojal. To achieve this end unity and peace are the pre-condition. People of Gojal will never forgive to those who would not come to their expectation. “Good luck “to the new management

  9. Well done!
    Stand y your demands and bring the culprits into the court of people. Please join these brave people in their struggle

  10. Comments on and Some Questions from Ghazanfar Ali Khan on SRDP

    I would like to ask some direct questions from and comment on Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan regarding the Silk Route Dry Port (SRDP), if am allowed. I’d really appreciate if Khan Sahab could kindly spare a serious time and honestly responds to these questions.

    Khan Sahab! Although, there are many, many questions in my mind that need their answers, but because of shortage of time, I am compelled to opt for some of those questions along with my comments. Hopefully, you’ll not evade and would positively respond to them.

    1. Due the bad governance, situation in the Sost Dry Port produced mental and social pressures that led to severe unrest among the shareholders at individual level as well as communal level along with the Civil Society Organizations. What are the reasons? Would you like to explain that who could be behind the scene?
    2. Why are you so silent rather stubborn, when the concerned stakeholders (shareholders, civil society members and the entire community of Gojal) demand for the Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM)? Why haven’t you convened the AGBM so far?
    3. Why are you and few of your family members including your wife, your elder son Salim Khan, Shabaz Khan of Gulmit and Nazim ul-Amin of Khudabad scared of presenting the financial reports in the AGBM as per norms, defined in the byelaws?
    4. For how long do you think you would continue your tit-for-tat behavior with the peaceful community members and the shareholders?
    5. What are the guilts and sins that the community of Gojal and their organizations have committed and you are going to punish them? For how long these oppressions continue?
    6. Do you think that you have learnt at least any lesson from the peaceful community of Gojal out of the categorical reactions?
    a. What have you learnt lessons from Brig Aslam’s case on the hotel?
    b. What do you know about the respective community members genuine stand on the Khunzhrav National Park (KNP)? Do you know their achievement in terms of the community’s big chunk of financial share (through the KVO)?
    c. Do you also remember other cases, whenever there has come up any collective threat to this peaceful community regarding their honor and dignity?
    7. We know that you are a simple guy and these confrontational politics are carried out by your wife and your older son along with few others who give wrong advisory to you. Do you remember while you had come in Gulmit after becoming Deputy Chief Executive, what had we suggested you to do at the sub-divisional and north-levels? We had recommended you to make councils of Advisors by inducting well qualified and highly intellectuals from different fields? You appreciated it but later on again you were entrapped and kidnapped by your own traditional advisors. Isn’t it? Where do you see yourself now? Why didn’t opt for the advisory councils?
    8. Be honest and please tell us that how much money has been misappropriated during your tenure?
    9. Don’t you think that you along with some of your team members have lost the trust of the shareholders of the Dry Port Trust? In the same way, don’t you think that you have also lost the trust the community members in you even being their representative?
    10. Do you think that because of such misappropriations, you are eligible to continue the position of Chairmanship of the Dry Port Trust as well as Chief Executive of the NALA?
    11. When you cannot have good governance at the micro level then do you think that you are eligible to run the government at the Northern Areas level?
    12. Why are you not eligible to controle your son, Salim Khan and your wife, Atiqa?
    13. Do your think that your conscience condemn you for such bad governance? If yes, why don’t you resign from both places, Khan Sahab? From the position of chairmanship and chief executive?

    14. Would your wicked son stop his malafide activities in Gojal or still determined to continue terrorsing the community?

    15. Do you think you and your immediate family members have learnt any lesson from the power of the community/public or are you still intoxicated with the wine of power and authorities, which have been misused?

    This much questions for the time being is sufficient. Other questions would be asked later from you. I would suggest you to kindly come towards the electronic media such as Express TV, Aaj TV, Geo TV, ARY One, Dawn TV besides other media such the the blogs (Pamir Times and Simurgh at the local level? I hope that you would accept sooner these suggestions and clarify your stance on the subject of Dry Port.

  11. Well said Ali AL Hakim, This big culprit should be sacked from the post of cheif exective of North and also from the public leadership. He has maligned Hunzukutz in the Northern Areas. We have given enough respect to him and his family over the period of nine hundered years. Now the time has arrived to give him a black way off.

  12. The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.
    — Steve Biko, 1971

  13. Uncle Fazal has put the right questions to a person, who has never responded to such questions and also has no openion or decision of his own. So I expect one of his masterminds may have answers to your questions.

    I do not think he has the courrage and sense of responsibility to respond to even a single question.

    But, Bech Fazal, I hope your questions will enlighten the people of Gojal and Hunza in a possitive way.

  14. Dear Fazal Amin Beg

    You made a sever mistake, and grave sin, for which history will not forgive you, why you asked such blasphemous questions from the ‘MIR’ don’t you know neither we nor our forefathers were supposed to ask.

    But in great dismal utterance I ask one question from my fellow brothers of Hunza, why time and again we bring this family to power??

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