On boat toward Hussaini village


Zulfiqar Ali Khan for PAMIR TIMES

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  1. Thanks, Zulfi for sharing these valueable pictures, you have been endangering your life for taking these pictures, and recording these events which will be a history for our next coming generations to come that how our able and competent engineers mismanaged this tiny landslide into a full scale disaster which at the moment is still rising and only God knows what will be its end.

    The help and support shown by the government which we elected ourselves was also “exemplary” for us to learn lessens for the future, the enthusiasm and commitment shown by the bureaucracy in dealing people in disaster was also a good experience.
    The denial of support offered by the international agencies by the GB government is a big question mark that we have to find out.

    If we take out the efforts of our own people, our voluntary organizations from how the people hit by this clamity by the government, there is nothing. Therefore we need to revisit what we expect and do for others in the similar situation and learn lessens for the future.

    I am sure that our people may have conserved enough food for them as in the aftermath of the breach of the lake, we will be left on our own and we have to rebuild ourselves, so be prepared for that.

    The devastation and damages that will cause by the outburst downstream is beyond the capacity of the Government of Pakistan will be the result of the criminal negligence, ignorance, inefficiency and inability of the two organizations namely FWO and the NDMA, I hope someone will be there to take these responsible to justice otherwise Allah’s justice is the divine justice.


  2. Thaks your elected Govt.who supported in Submeging our homeland in water and still waiting to devastate the down stream villages.What a shamful praise Why to blame NDMA and FWO are they beyond the control of the so called democratic Govt.Still no realistic approach rather a biased statement.

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