[Announcement] Pamir Yatra – A new series of fresh posts from the Pamir Mountains

Pamir Yatra is a series of special posts containing articles and photographs from different parts of the regions surrounding Pamir Mountains.

We are sharing the information for interest of our readers and to build bridges across the borders, adding further to regional harmony, understanding, peaceful coexistence and peace.

The photographs and text have been taken by Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Founder and Coordinator of Pamir Times, during his recent visit to the region.

An opinion piece written by Ghulam Amin Beg, an experienced development activist and practitioner, has also been posted.

Please check the header, to read and see separate posts under one heading.

Please take the mouse over “Pamir Yatra: From the Heart of pamirs”, to reach the drop menu containing two very interesting initial posts.

Or click on the links below:



Keep visiting the page for more updates. Thanks

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