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“Gilgit – Baltistan not part of Pakistan”, Abid Hasan Minto

GILGIT, Aug 26: Eminent constitutional expert and progressive politician Abid Hassan Minto has said that Gilgit-Baltistan was not constitutional part of Pakistan and people of region had been deprived of all fundamental human rights.

“The people of this important region are administered under the Citizenship Act but the territory is not a constitutional part of Pakistan,” he said while talking to Dawn here on Tuesday.

Mr Manto is in Gilgit on the invitation of the Northern Areas’ Supreme Appellate Court for guidance regarding implementation of labour laws whether the laws were applicable in the region or not.

“Pakistan’s Constitution does not say a single word about Gilgit-Baltistan. This is a worst example of human rights violation,” he said.

Mr Minto, who is President of the National Workers Party, asked the federal government to devise a clear-cut policy on Gilgit-Baltistan and give democratic and constitutional rights to the people of the sensitive region.

He said the least the Pakistan government could do was to give the locals the right to rule themselves through their elected representatives rather than the bureaucracy. The Northern Areas Governance Order would not heal the decades-old wounds of the people. The area should be given their own constitution and parliamentary setup on the line of Azad Kashmir.

“How come this possible that mega dams are being constructed in the area without obtaining consent of the masses,” he said, adding that royalty and other issues should be dealt in the interest of the masses.

All laws of Pakistan, he said, were applicable in the region but they were not exercised for unknown reasons. “The Supreme Appellate Court and Chief Court of Northern Areas are fully empowered to ensure rights to the people,” he said.

Courtesy: DAWN

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  1. we appreciate that other people feel more than our north people for our rights. All provinces are fighting for their separation on the other hand we are striving for getting affiliated with it.

  2. Mr. Abid Hassan Minto a progressive thinker well narrated the reality and facts about the legal frame.

    He is right and we are voice less Nation, Struggle less nation the reason we are habitual to accept the others ruling.

    This Nation can raise his head, we are speech less due to my ruler stood in Local govt.

  3. Dear All
    We will stay the same, as long as the Landlords, Official Agencies, and Government controlling Officials and most of all Political Leaders, form who youth form each house has affiliation.
    For any movement we need to be (One Nation) and have to work for the achievement though one platform.
    But we can never be one because it never in the favor of many countries and people. It is our importance of our area , center of all Geo-political game. For China, it needs us separate so it can get to the hot water more easily, through its Road construction, railroad and Gas pile line. The USA need some place where it can utilize its resources to work with China, like its doing in Afghanistan. The rest of Pakistan need North or be in different division on any point so the grip on the rule and government many stay the same, An area ruled without any law, by just one minister. Easiness, conveniences and cost-effective. At the moment political leaders form the north are good pets. Controlled by different chains and commends .
    We have been bifurcates, into different fragments , like every where in the world there are Shias, Sunies, Ismiles and NoorBakshies , and can live together but in the North they have been given no chance for that. They are divided with the vision, that each alone is under threat.
    Further-more North is not one but here , because its not one land but Gilgit-Baltistan. They are never from Shigar, Skardu, Ganchi, Gilgit, Gizar, Ishcoman, Hunza, Gojal, Nomal amd many more places they are never form North.
    How come we can deal with the grand world mafia.
    We need to work on one object, leave all concept, have to forget our different school of thoughts , and have for once just once fight for one issue.
    Lets take the step for the Diamer Dam , start form all corners, form Yasin , form Chipurson, From Khplu, form Daral and be on one platform. Forget The parties who have been injecting the toxicities into our roots so to make their rule more to the point. We don’t need PPP, JUI,PML(Q,N,J,) MQM, but we need a National Movement that can make us human like.
    Become a living thing so to be count for the word Right.

  4. I strongly agree to Mr. Nazeer Ali Khan. His every single word has sum message for da people of G-B.
    Now da time has come to Spread a National-Ideology..!! We need to think like a single nation, or else, our devestation is not so far. Pakistanis are treating da inhabitants of Himaliya, Hindokash and Karakoram like their slaves, they do not accept oue existance..!! Dear bros and sis’s, now it’s a movement of showing our unity, our love, affection and da spirit of sacrifice everything fr our lands. No one should be kept as slave anymore, Wake-up, Shout for ur Freedom, shout so loudly that da cruel wou;d run away.

  5. Your leader Abdul Hameed shouted for freedom. instead of making his enemy run away he himself ran away. Now he is settled abroad and trying to spearhead a movement from exile. Hyder your shout cannot make your enemy run but it can provide you an opportunity to settle in greener pastures abroad. such is the irony of the struggle of poor people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

  6. First of all, I would like to bid my profound gratitude in the honour of Mr. Minto, for divulging / expressing the constitutional negligence towards GB by Govt. of Pakistan and his support for allocation of basic human / citizen rights to this significant part of the Pakistan.
    For centuries, GB has always been seen / notified as a significant focal point by various neighboring countries as well as international superpower countries in the perspective of defense strategies, geographical perspective and natural resources. GB is the main gate for neighboring superpower countries for the access to the warm water oceans. For the reason, its been planning / implementing for further development of infrastructure using our region. In this perspective KKH road widening in progress, planning for laying of railway track through our region is in progress. Govt. of Pak is planning to construct mega dams in our region destroying the ecological system of the region. As Mr. Minto has indicated that there is not a single description in Pak Constitution for GB, and based on what basis GOP is getting our all national resources without returning compensations and fundamental rights. We need to need to think about it seriously.
    For decades, the Pak establishment has always tried its best to develop differences among the people of GB using some instrumental tools, so that a collective and unified platform could not be formed. It,s the right time to develop a ONE GB NATION ideology, discouraging all the external exploiting beam of rays.
    It,s been the fundamental principle that “without crying, a child would not get his part of the milk”, and the same principle needs to be applied / spread throughout the GB. It,s the need of the time that whole the region get transform into one nation regardless of regional, ethnic, religion and race and develop a one voice / one platform frame structure putting our efforts in it.

  7. @Khameto
    Abdul Hameed Khan is da real son of our soil, he is not a coward man, he is a brave man, he is a loyal and sincere leader, who has raised his voice against da occupiers at a time when Nationalism was termed as a sin fr our people..!!!! He didn’t ran away fr his own life bro, he’s fighting for da rights of G-B on international forums, it is Abdul Hameed, who was suuccessful in bringing G-B in da eyes of da world’s communities. Now due to Abdul Hameed, we are da members of EU and UNPO ..!! Everyone knows, Abdul Hameed Khan never gave up in front of da timid, ignorant and cruel administration..!!!

    As far as his exile is concerned, dear, y don’t u concern da history when u make such a funny and hopleless statements, Moa-de-Thong, Khomeni, Castro and many more brought up da revolutions by settling abroad. When their nations were ready they came back..!!! Abdul Hameed Khan is on Political Asylum dear, he is Attending United Nation’s Genreal Assembly meetings, he is adreessing da UN Genral Asembly on da occasions, He Is A Challenge For da Occupiers, He Is A Threat to da Adm, and he is a Threat to Da Traitors living among us…!!!!
    If Abdul Hameed Khan was not able to go abroad, then, this govt was going to wipe us out frm da map of da world, remember, it is he, who has given them a tough time, now all da games like packages and bonuses are being played to satisfy da international community.
    As fa as my future is concerned, i’m quite capable of running da expences of 5 families like you, i don’t need to go abroad dear, my land is a heaven for me. I can can go any where in da world, coz, i deserve it, Please, don’t try to disgrace anyone’s name here, u have no right wot so ever, to comment on anyone’s personality. Prove ur logic here, don’t sniff around here by putting objctions over ur own people.
    i request Noor Bhai to make some rules n reg fr dis forum, thx.

  8. Dear Comrade
    You have used many harsh words and exaggerated at many points. According to you Abdul Hameed Khan is representing us at many platforms, that is a great news.
    But as a common man I do not have access to such, news and items, can you show us any picture or news clips of Mr. Hameed speaking at the UN or the EUC, just out of curiosity, I need to no that who is representing me at such level.
    Can you please send us all the dates and events that Mr. Hameed as attended at International level. Because in my 20 years of social activity never had come across any news or even a gossip about any voice form the north, international. Can you please correct my humble knowledge?
    And one suggestion never lose you temper, by using harsh words but use prove to stop others and accomplish your comments in their minds. Be soft and stiff because it is always weak.

  9. Dear Comrade,

    I take strong exception of your remarks where you have become derogatory towards me. Remember, if you or Hameed Khan are political figures, then everything peronal becomes a public issue. I do not have right to raise question about personal conduct of a lay person. But Hameed is a figure public. therefore, i have every right to ask question. I raised question about Hameed in capacity of a common man, but your attitude shows your political immaturity.

    I am a denizen of Gilgit. You have absused a citizen of Gilgit just to defend your leader. Will you do the same with other persons who raise such type of question. Hameed Khan has the same attitude. whoever disagrees with him he declares him an agent of ISI. Please show political maturity or leave the political arena for the people who have maturity and tolerance to bear criticism.

    Read the comments by Nazeer Ali Khan. personally, i do not know this person but he came to my defence. have you ever thought why it happened? It is nature of blog communities that with the passage of time it develops its own mechanism of check and balance. I am happy that this trend is gradually taking roots in Pamir Times.

    Before asking Noor, editor Pamir Times, to censor my comments please censure your own words. Noor is moderating the blog excellently. he give him right to censure if my comments are inappropriate. I offer my opologies if i have insulted you personally but i will never tender my apologies for raising question against Hameed Khan. he is a mortal not a god. hence, i employ my right to disagree.

  10. The nationalist struggle of Gilgit-Baltistan is in its formative stages, so it is very fragile, and possibly immature if we accept Khameto’s assertions. If we scan our history since the war of Indepenndence in 1948, there have been few episodes of resistance, challenge and political mobilisation for our rights, justice and progress. So it should be no surprise when Qamar Kaira made a statement recently in relation to Diamer Bhasa dam, when he said that there was not a single voice raised against this mega project. I think he should now pay attention to what is happening in the minds of our contemporary generation and the youth. Internal fragmentation allows for outsiders to exploit the various divisive factors among ourselves to their advantage. If the people of GB don’t support, wholeheartedly, our nationalist cause then we risk creating fertile ground for our enemies to intervene at their will to divide us, and also rule us. You see the old colonial mentality is still persisting in the mind of Pakistani establishemnt.

    If we look at the genesis of successful political movements in Pakistan, for example MQM, or the struggle in Baluchistan, then we can safely detect a certain commitmentfrom the people, for the greater cause. Every single individual lines up behind a heroic figure, who charts the way forward. The point i am trying to establish is that since we the people of GB are a very emotional people and we take everything personal and get excited, if i may say so jokingly, on an emergency basis.So to fix this problem all of us need to sacrifice our individual egos for the greater cause that is the achievement of a consolidated political movement for rights and justice in the region. I would urge both Comrade Hyder sahip and Khameto to soften their attitudes towards each other. You both are assets for us. You are the educated lot of our society, and you have acquired weapons which are far more stronger than what our enemies can use against us. However our enemies can exploit our emotional cleavages to set our houses on fire. We should not allow this ever to happen. I know that both of you are responsible people and for me highly admirable characters, but i as a simple committed nationalist would like to see our intellectual elite on the same wavelength.

  11. Politics is not the matter of self and self fulfilment in the name of nation, religion and federation, I strongly condemn the personality like Hameed and his champions who beg to other for the rights of siblings, and being a conscious citizen of G_B I know how to snatch my rights and status from ruling elites of the region. If someone projects himself as a pseudo leader of the region than he must be aware of criticism and praise if he has done something mistakenly right otherwise hameed has introduced payroll politics in the region like sectarian groups of the region now these is non thing justifiable for payroll politics in the name of Religion, Nation and federation. All pseudo political figures of the region are traitor not leader.

  12. Dear bros n sis’s, i joined this movement coz i really wanted to serve my nation, i never wanted to fulfil sumpersonal desires by using this holy platfom, i do apologise to all respected mebers of this forum for being offensive towards a member. Mr khameto is 101% right, every citizen of our lands is valuable fr dis movement, evryone has to play his role, i became disoppintd when an educated and well awared person of my lands triede to discourage his own youth, it’s noty abt me, there are thosands of young girls and boys who are being attractd towars this forum, they are trying to know the facts, they are overcoming thier fears, they got so many doubts, if they see such comments on a political worker who is giving away all of his personal prioroties for a couse, then they are never going to join these movements ever. I really appreciate da sincere, straight and expactant words of Mr. Nazeer Ali Khan and Ms. Samina Khan. Truly, i got a lot of encouragment when i saw some effort put forth for bringinhg sum improvement in these movments.
    Dear Nazeer bhai, i didn’t exaggrated anyevents, G-B is a member of UNPO, u can visit nd find G-B among da new members after east Taimure and Kosovo got their independence and now are dea members of UNO. G-B is being selectes as da 79th member of UNPO and in EU 98% votes were casted against pakistan.
    Abdul Hameed Khan has attended two of da four yearly sessions of UNHRC(United Nations Human Rights Council) on March and JUne of this year, da next meeting willbe held on 14th Sep onwards and inshallah he’ll attend that one also.

    Dear bros and sis’s, Abdul Hameed Khan is not a relative of mine, he doesn’t belong to my village, he is not my uncle or family friend, But a brave, sincere and loyal leader of our homeland, i’m taking his side coz he is my ideological companion, i’m folllowing an idea, a vision, a way and a purpose, and who ever comes on da front wid sincerity, i’ll be with him.
    May God provide us enough courage that, we’d bring back those days of peace, harmony, brotherhood anf freedom once again into our homland, Gilgit-Baltistan. thx

  13. Cmrade Hyder Abbas is true in his words. If somone is striving for the nation and is trying to get our ligitimate rights, then we should support them, not discourage them. I cannot join thes movements due to my job nature, but i am with the people like comrade hyder and others and Inshallah i will play my role by supporting them in other ways. At least i can buck-up my well aware youth. My request to the nation is to play your role, instead of discouraging our youth like cmrade hyder.

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