Flood in Japukey stream causes huge losses in villages of Punial

by Noor Akbar

Punial, 28 July: Japukey and Gohar Abad villages of Middle Punial witnessed worst flood on Wednesday early morning triggered by heavy downpour.

Heavy debris flow in Japukey Nalla blocked Ghizar River at Sapating part of Gohar Abad village for more than two hours. The river water started flowing upstream and destroyed cultivated land of sapating, Gohar Abad. The river turned into a temporary lake with fruit trees, maize crop and huge land in it.

The flood has also damaged an irrigation channel at Japukey village,  disrupting water supply from the village stream. People of Japukey are facing shortage of drinking water and huge potential loss to maize crop, vegetables and trees. According to the residents it may take more than a week to restore the supply of water.

The people of Japukey and Gohar Abad villages have demanded the government of taking swift measures to restore the water supply to Japukey valley on emergency basis and compensate those affected by the flood.

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