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3 people killed in avalanche incident in Chipursan Valley

PT Report

Sost, November 7: At least three people, reportedly, went missing after a snow avalanche hit a group of labourers in the border areas of Chipursan Valley, Gojal (Hunza). Those missing include Ita’at Sha son of Haji Gul Khan (village Kil), Qurban Baig son of Qalandar Baig (Kil) and Saeed Ahmed Khan son of Sher Ali (Rashit).

The missing people are believed to be dead.

According to some reports the group of labourers comprised of 17 people . 14 are said to be safe.

The incident has reportedly taken place in Wiyeen area of Chipursan.

Up to 10 people were killed in a similar avalanche incident in Chipursan Valley in the early 90s.

The border region is difficult to reach during winters due to heavy snowfall. Rescue workers are finding it difficult to reach the affected area.

12 thoughts on “3 people killed in avalanche incident in Chipursan Valley

  1. Inn nallah ha wa enna elehi rajehoon,, my heart felt condolance to brother Pervaiz Akhter, Ameer Ahmed, Saeed ullah, Aslam pervaiz and family, unlce sher ali, jaanan, siraj, tawakal and family, sher ahmed, aziz and family.. may allah rest their soul eternal peace.. (Ameen)

  2. Inn nalla ha wa enna elehi rajehoon…a very sad day for us today me miss our young brothers of our village….may allah rest their soul eternal peace…

    imran tashi

  3. so sad news…….i thing there we need a rescue group to save the other 14 people who are still in the weyeen area…. its government responsibility to rescue the other people…

  4. Ina Lillahi wa ina illhi rajioon . May Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace and give strength to bear the irreparable loss. Ameen
    Our heartfelt condolence with the deceased families.

  5. My deepest sympathy are with the bereaved families, May God bless the souls of the three traders from Chipurson in eternal peace. They were there to earn with great difficulty to support their families but met a tragic end.

    I will personally condole uncle Sher for the loss of his son. God bless his soul in eternal peace.

    saleem Ghulkin

  6. A very sad and shocking news for all of us. May Allah rest the departed souls in eternal peace.

    Ali mehr

  7. Another sad demise of 3 precious lives lost in the avalanche. Loosing 3 family heads is in fact like a doomsday in the Chipursun Valley. May Almighty Allah rest the departed soul and give fortitude to the bereaved family. Ameen.

  8. Inna lilahhee wa inna illaihee rajioon

    May Allah almighty rest their souls in eternal peace and give courage to their family members to bear this irreversable loss. aameen

    it is indeed a very sad news we extend our heartfelt condolances to all family memebrs who has lost their loved.

    on behalf me and my family we extend our deepest sympthy to loopyor sher ali janan and tawakal ali for sad demise of my kharyan and their al family members.


  9. Truly very sad news about the missing of those young people. We do offer our condolences to the family and friends and pray for the souls to rest in eternal peace. I do believe there is an efforts to communicate with rest of those who have fortunately survived!

    We did met Tawakal and his brother in Pindi and feel sorry for not being able to join them to Chupursan.

    Darjat and family

  10. Thanks alot to all for their prayers and kind sentiments.

    It was a great loss for all of us indeed and specially for Chipursan valley, which is by the way one of remotest and disaster prone areas in Gilgit Baltistan.

    On behalf of the family of Saeed Ahmed Khan, I would like to thank all of those who gave so much care and confidence to us during these testing hours. Right from Islamabad to Gilgit, Hunza, Gojal and ultimately Chipursan, our brothers and sisters showed to us that we are not alone in these moments of trial and tribulation, specially while my nephews were travelling from Islamabad. In my visit to Chipursan while accompanying Tawkal and Shabbir, I could see a sense of loss and psychological damage all over but at the same time, the presence of thousands of people from all over Gojal, Hunza and other parts of the country gave us a ray of hope. indeed we owe great deal of gratitude to all of those who gave us so much care and offered their prayers. May the departed souls rest in eternal peace and may Allah Almighty give us strength and courage to withstand this irreparable loss by virtue of the kind prayers from our well wishers (Amin)
    Sultan Ahmed

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