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Islamabad withdraws subsidy on wheat, prices to be raised gradually

PT Report

Gilgit, February 2: The Pakistan Peoples Party led coalition government has withdrawn the wheat subsidy provided to Gilgit – Baltistan since the time of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

According to sources, the prices of wheat and flour will be gradually be increased over the next several months to manage  public backlash and fury.

After today’s decision a sack of wheat will cost 1125 rupees, 300 more than the subsidized price.

PPP sources are reportedly trying to persuade Islamabad for continuation of the subsidy.

It is pertinent to note that ZAB had subsidized wheat for the people of GB in view of the region’s higher poverty index and remoteness. In absence of significant agricultural land and industrial zones and reduction in tourism revenues, Gilgit – Baltistan is perpetually plagued by a weak economy. The region is considered to be among the most food-insecure regions of the world.

The decision to withdraw this vital subsidy has come as a surprise.

Many people are questioning the regime’s economic policies, in which NCP vehicles are being released to the relatively well-off individuals, but the impoverished are further weakened by withdrawal of wheat-subsidy.

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  1. We are very much hope that present governement realise the ecnomical coindition of GB people. Where majority people are very low income people.

    If this will really happen then poor people can not even eate one “roote”. The result will be lack of nurition of our children of GB.

    We request our political leadership please come farword and do some positeve steps in the regrade. Because GB people love PPP .

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