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[Trophy Hunting] American national hunts 2 Ibexes in Khunjerav, pays USD 6000 to the community

Sost: One of the hunted Ibexes can be seen in the back of a car

Farhat Ullah Baig

Sost:  On Wednesday, 2011 Mr. Jea Link from USA hunted a Himalayan Ibex at Shahkatar Khunjerav, winning a 40 inch trophy. Again, on Thursday, Link hunted a second Ibex, with a 44 inch trophy in the Wadkhon area of Khunjerav.

The hunter (in garland) with members of KVO

The hunter paid USD 3000 for each of the hunt to the Khunjerav Villagers Organization (KVO), a civil society initiative working on conservation and holistic development of the area.

According to the law, 80% of the fee will be kept by Khunjerav Villagers Organization, on behalf of  the community, while 20% will be handed over to the GB Government. KVO will use the money for development of the area through investment in education and health. 

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  1. A proverb “Unity is strength” comes true here. Without unity no community could do anything.
    Congrats KVO Directors and the whole community of Khunjerav Villagers Organization-KVO.

    “Save the Nature”

    Rahman Posh
    Chairman, KVO

  2. Animals have their own importance, and play crucial role on this planet, so why we are allow to sluaghter them. If we want safe environment without issues, we have to look after for each and everything which make our lives better.
    Therefore, hunting animals should be prevented.

  3. Animals such as Ibex have a certain life span of ten years so to speak approximately. Every living being has to die at the end of the day. As long as i know they allow only the fully grown ibexes to be hunted in return for handsome bugs. it is actually a win win situation for the local communities getting benefited.

  4. I congratulation to directors and the all community villages on this historical moment.


    munir rumi
    Aga Khan University Hospital
    FMD Dep.

  5. On behaif of KVO and communities thanks a lot for your good suggestions and comments, and we are trying our level best to protect and conserve the area Nature and Natural resources.

    I am also agree with Mathew Perry, and ofcourse we did it..

    Ali Sher Rumi

    Director Finance

  6. Thumbs up KVO! Great Sign of progress! Keep on Rocking!! I agree with the idea that Hunting rate should be heigher!

    Training Ex.@ PTCL CC Lahore.

  7. I congratulate the KVO volunteers for their devotion and dedication which has made us able in taking another step forward.

    Promotion of eco-tourism throgh community based biodiversity conservation has become a success story only because of the positive attitude of the community living arround the conservation area.

    I, once again, would like to congratulate the whole community members as well as KVO board of directors on such a happy day.

    All the best,

    Daulat Karim
    Vice Chairman-Board of Directors
    Khunjerav Villagers’ Organization

  8. I had a wonderful ibex adventure in 2009 and very much respected and enjoyed the people in Ghulkin, Hunza. In addition to the permit fee to the local village the local people supporting the hunt receive a similar amount for wages and tips. If the permit for one ibex were raised to $10,000 the cost of the ibex hunt would be much higher than in other countries. This could discourage most hunters from coming to Pakistan.

  9. i really appriciate the efforts and handwork from all the team members of KVO.kvo is considered to b the best community based organization in pakistan. i request kvo members to take such measures that illegal hunting of endangered animals should b stopped. sardar nasir

  10. This is a good step for development but the benefits we get must be equally utilized in the field of education and health by the kvo admistration. the kvo should inform the community through its publication of mazines or any other source the work they are doing so nthey will get the trust of the community and it will benefit them.

  11. I really appreciate the effort of KVO and all its members who are working and giving their precious time and knowledge for this organization as well as for development of our community.
    And I congratulate all the board of Directors of KVO for successful trophy hunting.And in future we will work hard to boost this organization.

    Ulfat Ullah Baig
    Director Economic Affair (KVO)

  12. After the inception of AKRSP (Aga Khan Rural Support Program) in Gilgit-Bltistan in the early 19 80 the community of upper Gojal- the Avgarchicks realised the importance of natural resources and its conservation. KVO was established in early 1990’s by the elders and youth of Avgarch and in two decades time it became one of the active civil society organization of Gilgit-Baltistan. I would congratulate the KVO board of members and the community for the successful trophy hunts which is legal internationally. I would suggest to the surrounding community like Khudabad, Misgar and Chipurson to start such initiatives in their valleys not only for the trophy huntings but for the conservation of the natural resources. One idea for the internatioanl organizations like WWF and IUCN is that we have increased population of Snow Leopard killing livestocks.The above organizations can help us for the initiation of trophy hunting of snow leopards. Could some body or organization help us.

    Hajat Muhammad, Social Worker,
    General Secretary

  13. This is something that should start on its full strenth …KVO has been a well known organization throughout pakistan ..and internationally so it must go on for the pride of pakistan … we love r northern areas and KVO is and will become the base and strenght for the community…members of KVO must keep in mind that they should work more for and in the sectors of education and health they already r but we need more off it .. so we can see some positive change in r community we dont want rselves to be left behind ….soo good job done by KVO and it must carry on doing its good work for the people who live there.

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