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PTV launches Shina and Balti news bulletin service


PT Report

Islamabad, August 14: The state run Pakistan Television Network (PTV) has launched Shina and Balti language news bulletin service for the first time in history of Pakistan.

Radio Pakistan had been running Shina and Balti news bulletin service from Islamabad but due to a sharp drop in the number of radio listeners the program’s effectiveness was being questioned.

Several changes have been introduced in Gilgit – Baltistan over the past three years, including the introduction of the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly and Supreme Appellate Court. However, the effectiveness of these changes are a big question mark in view of widespread corruption, nepotism and conflicts in the region.

The decision of starting regional language bulletins has been hailed by residents of Gilgit – Baltistan, who have expected and hoped that similar steps will be taken for promotion and preservation of other regional languages also.

It is pertinent to note that GB is a culturally rich region, home to speakers of Shina, Balti, Burushaski, Wakhi, Khowar and several other languages.

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  1. Translating urdu bulletin into many other languages will not bring socio-economic change in any sence. These are just “emotional peanuts” to lure the ignorant masses. We need concrete measures to address life issues (science, sociology, politics etc) rather than NAATS, NOHAS and GINAANS etc. We need life issues first, not the death or after death conclusions. We all know the “all is good” notions of ptv.

  2. Please don’t always think critically. This is a good effort from Govt and it should be hailed.
    (Junaid Kamal)

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