Pamir Times’ images on BBC website

We appreciate BBC for properly giving credits to Pamir Times.


MLA Mutabiat Shah’s Interview to BBC URDU HERE

Sumera (Gulmit) Interview to BBC URDU HERE

Sikandar Mirza, (Gulmit Biryani House), Interview to BBC URDU HERE

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  1. People of Gojal must be proud of Mutabiat shah how neatly he is supporting the negligence of government. well done Mutabiat shah you did your best to rescue your seat and ignored the criminal negligence of the government from the day 1 of land slide. what about the loss of villages and sufferings of people?
    we were not hungry and will not be hungry but we are hurt severely and ignored criminally.

  2. it is nice that pamir times is making effort but it seems that it is working more for its publicity rather then picking issues.

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