“Female governor Haram”: Religious scholars of Chilas

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Daily K2 has published a press release in which renowned scholar of Chilas, including Mufti Aziz Ullah, Maulana Riaz  Udin, Maulana Mohammad Wasal, Maulana Jan Sher, Maulana Abdul Majeed Shah, Maulana Zia Udin and Maulana Abdul Azizas saying that in presence of learned male the appointment of a female governor in Gilgit – Baltistan would be Haram. They have also said that according to Islamic teachings women shall be the beauty and honor of home and not the streets.

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  1. If we were supposed to follow the fatwas of these ulemas, then there would have been no elections at all. Ulemas would run the state like Afghanistan or Somalia, and we do not want to be like either of these places.But who cares for this group??

    The greatest fatwa is the fatwa of the masses not a select group of some clerics.Moreover, this decree has a political motive behind not a genuine religious concern as this declaration came from a particular sect of Islam not everyone.

  2. Subahan Allah,

    Let them count more things that are haram, In my opinion Fatwa and Mulla are Haram in Islam.

    Man, They are incredible creatures.

  3. It is not a ‘Fatwa’ but an opinion of an ordinary muslim individual who beleives in a pluralistic islamic ideology of mystic Sufis where evrery creature has a space for.

    If everything is Haram for the women then it should also be Haram for the women to become Muslim??

    I love Chilas and its innocent people just like any other place in the GB. I always feel at home when I enter into the GB at Basri check post. My concern here is only the specific hostle mentality towards the female gender regardless of a particular place. This mentality (hostility) persists almost evrywhere in our country including Hunza. The only differnce could be in terms of magnitude.

    Long way to go dears.

  4. I, first of all, appreciate the scholers of Diamer Ditrict for their courageous effort to opine regarding a very related issue of G&B as they have all the rights to have their opinion expressed. But we need to remind ourselves, perpetually, that we are living in a plural world, country and a Region. The people,majority, of all the seven district of the Region follow different schools of Islam and could not be forced to follow one opinion. I am sure these respected scholars know, also, that many sub-schools of Sunni-Islam, even factions of them in the Diamer District itself do not follow their opinion. So speaking on behalf of the all the people of Gilgit-Baltistan about being “HARAM” of a female governor, not yet named even, for the Region is not a binding opinion. We are a region of a country where ladies like Fatimah Jinnah, mother-of-the-nation, was a candidate for president; Banazir Bhuto, daughter-of-the-east, became prime minister of the country; and, Fahmida Mirza sahibah is sitting Speaker of the National Assembly. So what we are talking to whome must first of all be clear to us. Some of the opinion on PT give smell of sectarian emotionality we need to avoid such expressions of ones emotions. Give respect and recognition so to earn respect and recognition.respect.

  5. I believe that there are many factors leading to this opinion or fatwa whatsoever. Out of context and strong comments can make things controversial and the political “pundits” and the conspiracy theorists of GB can take advantage of it to label PT having some sort of hidden agenda.
    We don’t have the right to disregard one’s opinion on any ground, but we do have the right to analyze, criticize and discuss it in a respectful and meaning full way. Therefore, I think our comments and discussion should focus on certain ground realities and historical contexts rather than emotional discharges. I am sure the editors will carefully look into the comments before letting them through.

  6. As for right of expression is concerned, it is true that everyone has a point of view and it is his/her right to express that and even in case of a dissent opinion one should have the courage of listen. The maulana sahiban have expressed their opinion but it is true that is does not represent the voice of majority. Secondly, it is very much in contradiction with the opinion of Maulan Fazl-ur-Rahman, whose party enjoys popular support in Diamer district. Maulana Sahib not only accepted Benazir as prime minister but also headed the parliament’s foreign affairs committee in her tenure. In the long run what prevails is the opinion of the majority so same is true for here as well.

  7. good day to all……….
    neigther i m fudamentalist nor a pasimist,but i personally strongly condemn the female governer for GB……….it doesnt means that i m against the empoverment of women and not favour the rights of women,but the i would like to ask a question,the question is this,that why the GOVT select a female governer for GB????

    and why the pakistani establishment didnt selsct a female governer or a CH for the one of the four provinces of the country for 62 years?????there are such kind of many many questins which are unanswerd and blended to the issue………..
    deas……..women of GB are not politically mature enough to defend the homeland…….if our male are politically blind and igrorant then what to our female!!!!!!!!!!!!so this is a some sort of conpiracy theory to run the GB under federal ,islamabad……..
    and i would like to suggest to current pakistani establishment to select a female for ur four provinces then we the bonafide residents of GB will decide our leader and representative………..thank u v much….indeed…..

  8. All the above commentators except Yar Khan…. and some others it was not a fatwa or something else it was just a suggestion or to say the opinon of sunni sect not the opinion of only chilasies and obviously they are on the right track. Why you commentators try to oppose the ideology of your practice to say that pluralistic and xyz trying to compare with Islam…

  9. pakistan is declining today just because of these fatwas and ulemasssss .tell them to stop this ridiculous behaviour towards appointing a female member as governer.hazarat muhhamad himself has given equvalent respect to women in society its only these misinterpretation creates /deplore societyyyyy

  10. The women as honor of the home is a myth. There were no such things where women would tend the house in the earlier and mid centuries of Islamic civilization. The Ulema needs to read their own history (Hanafi, Shafi, Hanballi jurists).

  11. In pakistan threr is not a complet islamic govt. so no boday can emphasize that there should not be female governor. so i request to molvee groups to wait for the time when islamic govt will established then they can give suggestion.

  12. @comdr ejaz . Well, if we do not have any example of having female governor or CM, it does not mean that we did not have female on high positions. We had the first female Prime Minster of the Muslim world. We have a female speaker of the National Assembly currently. We had a female governor of State Bank of Pakistan. We have many female around as ministers, departmental heads. ambassadors and generals. We have also the example Fatima Jennah’s contesting for presidency. Then in every field we have female representation and they are going very well. So it will not be strange if we have a female governor in GB.
    Secondly, your question about why government’s considering to appoint female governor for GB. Actually behind the announcement there was a political move of the President. The President wanted to get Naheed Khan on board by calling her Benazir;s sister and appointing her as the governor of GB. She is now a days at distance with PPP leadership and she even criticises the for its performance. On the death anniversary of Ms. Bhutto the President announced to appoint a sister of Benaziir as governor in GB. It was an effort on the part of the President to strengthen the party by bringing back alienated Naheed Khan but she refused to become governor. After her refusal the President could not change his decision as he had publicly announced so now the government is bound to appoint a female governor. The announcement has created a problem for government itself as Naheed Khan refused and from GB they have not been able to find a suitable female nominee for the newly created slot.

  13. This is in reference to the comment at No.8, dated January,2009 by Friend. I totally agree with the commentator. It will save a lot of money for the budget of G-B.

  14. ALL I REALLY WANT TO KNOW IS THAT IS IT HARAM FOR FEMALES TO DO SOMETHING IN POLITICS!!??!!! just please give me a yes or no answer AND explain why is it OR not haram !!! please and thank you

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