Water outflow and erosion of Hunza Lake barrier increasing

Latest photograph of the water outflow. Courtesy: FOCUS Pakistan

PT Report

Gilgit, June 1: Water outflow through the spillway has increased to around 700 Cusecs, taking the cumulative water discharge out of the Hunza Lake to around 1,000 Cusecs.

In the meanwhile the erosion of spillway is slowly progressing in the middle portion and relatively fast at toe of the spillway. Retrogressive erosion of the dumped soil has fast resulted in creation of a crevice.

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  1. The real countdown can now be started as the retrogressive erosion has developed quite considerably and we hope that the sufferings of the upstream population will start to diminish in a couple of days.

    I attribute this slow process due to lack of pressure at the barrier, to the location of the lake barrier which is located at the end of a “Z” shaped curve of the Hunza river. I am not an expert on this subject but this is my understanding of the situation being a resident, closely watching the reports, commentaries and illustrations by some experts. My special thanks to Prof. Dave and others who are constantly monitoring the situation and advising the people of GB (not our government because they have their own experts on destroying our paradise Ayeenabad, Shiskat, Gulmit and God knows how much more homes).

    An affectee of Gulmit, Gojal.

    God Bless our homeland and people.

  2. Breach of the dam is eminent now;
    Although the ‘Z’ shape curve of lake as mentioned by Sher Karim may help restrict the sudden gushing out and abrupt release of lake water but once present lake barrier is totally eroded with the flow; the increased water release may result in massive down strem cutting of river side’s.
    Many more landslides may be experienced especially at the peculiar turning of Aliabad-Sumair and down to Pisan-Gulmet area as a first hit of the outpour.

    Further downstream area of Jaffarabad and Sikandarabad are likely to go inundated.

  3. Dear Noor,
    thanks for keeping us update about this calamity and uniting us to raise our voice to the wake up the sleeping buffaloes.
    i don’t see where this lake has been reached and what is the condition in Hussani and Passu. what do you think about the risk of submergence in Passu. Please if some of your reporter can update us.

  4. The discharge has increased to over 825–850 cusecs around 12 noon and the rate of erosion has also increased.

    All persons should be on highest alert state and refrain from going close to river bed or lower areas than 60 meter safe line that has been drawn up by FOCUS and Government.

    There will be breach of the barrier and it seems that the volume of flow of water will be large.There is over 450 million cubic meters of water in the lake according to one estimate.This is a large volume.

    Let us pray and hope that the loss of life and property is minimum.

  5. YAM,itzz very gud that pamir times gives us newz of gojal deaster but why iz the resnt pics of hussaini not available on this right not right now.i hope it vlll b here tomoro……………………………………..thanksss. may God blesss gojal ……aaamen

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