15 ft remaining for a spillover to take place

PT Report

Gilgit, May 20: Water rise in the lake formed on Hunza River has reduced the free board, distance from lake surface to the potential spillway, to around 15 ft (4.43meters) according to information posted on NDMA website today.

Average water rise level in lake formed on Hunza River is around 3.6 ft per 24 hours, according to sources. This might mean that water from the lake would start spilling over within the next four days.

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  1. Pamir Times Team,

    Your team is doing very well to report latest news. As spilling over the barrier will start within few days, would you please post some videos and pictures down the stream. I was wondering if you have some latest pictures before spill over, it would be appropriate to compare before and after spill over.

    Thank you guys

  2. It’s almost to the point where someone could stand by the dam with a video camera during the daylight hours.

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