Hassan Sadpara scales Mount Everest, jubilation across Gilgit – Baltistan

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Islamabad, May 12: “Hassan Sadpara’s daring victory of scaling Mount Everest is a deed of pride for the nation.His determination,self reliance and compassion speaks of the talented youth of GB. He has flown high our national flag and added wide fame to GB around the world; recorded his name in pages of history of mountaineering.

I congratulate him for his recognizable deed and his extra-ordinary way to the spirit of adventure.Bravo!”

MLA Sadia Danish has summed it all, in a statement posted on Facebook.

Hassan Sadpara, hailing from Skardu District of Baltistan Division, becomes the the second GBian (Pakistani) to climb the world’s highest mountain. His mountaineering prowess brings joy, confidence and pride for the region. He calls himself “Sadpara” after his village’s name. He has also climbed the world’s second largest peak, Choghori/Mount Godwin Austin, also known as k2.

Before Hassan Sadpara, renowned mountaineer Nazir Sabir had also climbed Mount Everest, becoming the first Pakistani to achieve such a feat.

People across Gilgit – Baltistan have hailed Sadpara for his great achievement. There is jubilation all around. Thousands of people are likely to gather in different cities of the country to celebrate Hassan’s success.

Preparations have been started to give the national hero a resounding welcome on his arrival in the country, in general, and Gilgit – Baltistan, in particular.

Team Pamir Times would like to congratulate Hassan Sadpara, his family and his supporters for his great achievement. We are proud of you

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  1. Very happy that a mountaineer from Sadpara got the summit of Mt Everest .
    I attempted it in 1985 by Norton gully , 1989( north ridge) and 1990( nepalese classic route) and didn’t reach the top but I like Everest .
    I know very well NAS where I spent many good moments with my friends there of the Mirzada Khan family ( in Jutial)and did a lot of writings about the populations in the diverse districts.
    Allah Hafiz Annie Beghin.Khadija

  2. Congrts Hassan Sadpara. Good for all of us. I guess he needs recognation from the GB and federal government.. rewarding his courage and success story.Very well done.

    I was in Nepal when there was the first attempt by Pakistan team led by Mr.Nazir Sabir and that had failed. I had invited the Pakistani team at my house in Katmandu. But Nazir Sabir successed in the second attempt later. I am truly happy to know that this time the person who made it to Everestis from BLN-GB.

  3. it is very heartening to hear this delightful news that a Brave Son of Pakistan from the Northern Province of Gilgit Baltistan has climbed the highest mountain of the World. He has also climbed all five 8 thousander peaks of Pakistan without using any Oxygen. I congratulate him on his achievement and making us all proud. Pakistan ZindaBad!!!..

  4. congartulation
    I congratulate Hassan sadpara ,and the whole nation on his great achievemen.the nation wil remember his as great national hero in Pakistan history forever. Hassan sadpara must be engcouraged , i also appreciate Mehdi Sahah’s interest to encourage our national hero .\zakir Hussain from Islamic Republic of Iran

  5. many congratulations ti hassan and the nation fo acheaving such a highest win in placing the national flag on top of the everest

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