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[E – Discussion] (Phase III) GLOF RISK MITIGATION: EWS & Land – use planning


Dear reader

Moving to the final phase of the E – discussion I will invite you to share your ideas about the the state, importance and effectiveness of Early Warning Systems and Land planning, for GLOF risk mitigation. It is important for all of us because constructions at potentially vulnerable sites pose great danger for life and property. Similarly the state of modern Early Warning System in our region is really deplorable. Your suggestions in this regard will help policy makers and practitioners to a great extent.

Some questions have been laid down for your convinience. Shaping your comments in the lights of these questions will help a focused discussion on the topic.

  1. What EWS (Early Warning Systems) are operational in mountain communities and how, in practical terms, are communities made aware? Are local administrations involved in their maintenance, operation and real-time warning dissemination?
  2. Who maintains the EWS systems and to what extent have communities been trained in understanding and responding to them?
  3. What land-use management and risk zoning practices have been adopted in mountain communities? How have these been made more ‘visible’ or ‘tangible’ and what is the level of acceptance by communities?
  4. Are GLOR risks being factored into the development planning process in mountain areas?

A new page has been added to the blog for the purpose of discussion. Click HERE to reach the page or just click on the fourth – from – top row in the menu list above the blog.

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