Latest Photographs of Shishkat – Gulmit Bridge & Recent Avalanche

The Shishkat - Gulmit Bridge, splashes of the avalanche reached other side of the river. PT Photo
A group of people walking on the bridge
Another view of the endangered bridge

An avalanched hit the lake on Hunza River today at around 12:40 and the splashes reached the other bank of the river. No loss reported.  More avalanches are expected in the future.

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Akram Bari & Zeeshan

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  1. The size of avalanche looks pretty big.
    Is this the site where normally in middle of Feb. there is avalanche?

    One is still very worried about the dam blocking the Hunza river at Attabad.
    NDMA should increase the equipment at dam site BUT first they should doing Dam modelling and do risk assessment.

  2. OHH

    very bad increasing of water in the lake and avalanche hit the site ,more avalanches is expected at the same side and at the nearest areas also it will create more panic condition to the people of shishkat and gulmit ,climatic condition are also bad in these days and safety measures should be taken by government and other NGOs

    Good job done by akram and others for updating us

    Meherban Karim

  3. its really a crucial period not for gojalis only but also
    the whole country……it will directly effect the economy pakistan…when tourists will stop visiting pakistan and the interaction between china and pakistan will stop..
    we should try to release the water.Gojal really needs our cooperation,our unity and wants to see our hands
    together.Our people are suffering alot.What will happen
    in the near future when summer will come..?
    Government should take some major steps immediatly otherwise we will be at loss.
    may Allah help us all…(ameen).
    meher jabeen

  4. There is acritical situation not in hunza but also in Whole Gilgit.Due to warer storage and land sliding shahrah e karakorum is blocked.It will effect the whole economy of Pakistan.The people of effected areas are really need our help.Goverenment and NGOs should help the needy people.

    Sakhawat Ali

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