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Jobs for Hunza-Nagar promised


Press Release

According to a press release issued by the PPP Hunza a delegation of the party comprising vice president Aziz Jan Nadir and Rozdarullah, a party worker, met the federal minister for communication Arbab Alamgeer Khan, in Islamabad. The minister was informed about irregularities in appointments in the Karakuram Security Force, raised for protection of the Chinese workers, expanding the Karakuram Highway.

The press release states that an influential official of the NHA has exploited official powers to employ hundreds of people from his native district, his own sect and ethnic background. It was brought in the notice of the minister that during the past few months over sixty posts had been created and filled in the NHA, Northern Areas, without proper advertisements in the regional press.

The delegation also informed the minister about the serious concerns of local people regarding compensating the loss and damage caused by expansion of the KKH.

Talking to Noor Muhammad of Pamir Times, Aziz Jan said that the overwhelming emphasis of Pamir Times’ readers on sorting out compensation issues of KKH, were the primary reason for their meeting with the Minister for communication. He told PT that the minister talked to concerned officials of the NHA on the spot and ordered them to submit a detailed report about all hirings made during the past six months in NHA, Northern Areas.

The minister has also assured the delegation that jobs will be given to youth of the region on priority basis. See also DAWN

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  1. Good news, we appreciate the efforts of all concern peoples involving in this, but here one thing I would like to suggest that this should need a wave length and a yard stick to measure and also need strong follow up, also after the affected people in the valley due to the Karakoram Highway (KKH) Expansion project, there should be a rehabilitation process and a compensation packages for those who are effected because of the construction work. And after this step taken by Mr. Aziz Jan Nadir, we hope that present and upcoming young, dashing, flamboyant leaders not only press their thoughts in conferences but will make them implemented in the future.


    Basit …

  2. yet another photo session…. will this marathon of the leaguees and the jiyalas ever come to an end? and what the mass will get out of it? leave this pretending-to-be-leader sort jobs and do what are you ment for. i wonder if the gojali jiyala has ever bothered to meet the party leadership at the northern areas level and will our honerable vice-president and the so called party worker bother to tell the readers as when and how had they joined the ranks of jiyalas leave alone there services to their party. hang nation, hang political parties, hang leaders and hang activites like this photo session.

  3. dil ko behlani ko ghalib ye khyal acha hai. Very good it is good news for Jiylas. to make money. If the ppp govt is has a soft corner in there hearts why they are not implementing the notification of HUnza Nager District. Are they waiting for up comming election.

  4. too many photo sessions, too many promises and announcements…..Aziz Jon are these really going to happen or its just a SIYASI bayan and campaign to win the hearts of the innocent people of the region one more time in the upcoming election? any how you L@@K nice in the picture.

    Nauroze Shah
    Herat, Afghanistan

  5. I think this is a good job by Mr. Aziz and his team for improving his chance for the coming elections in the N.A’s………. But if they are sincere with the people of GOJAL, where were they after the last election. What is their progress, no one is asking…… If they are that much doing for the GOJALIs why they dont try to solve the issues araising in the GOJAL.

    I would like to give you suggestion that; what so ever the politics of the past was….. What kind of politics the other parties are doing…….. You should be sincere and do try your best for doing good for GOJALIS or HUNZAIS or even for N.As. This should be our prime objective that we are to do the best for our area and anyone of us who can do anything good for there areas, there should be no choice and no even a little sign of selfishness.


  6. this technique is only used to get the attention of the people for the comming election Mr.aziz do something els non of you are serious about these jobs its for the time being……

  7. the comments posted here are too much irresponsible from those who themselve are unable to do any thing for their folks, if we are unable to do any thing then let these young man should contribute for their people.

  8. this formula is used to attention of the people for election Mr.aziz do something…. every thing is frud..
    no serious about these jobs its for the time being……

  9. Dear Readers,

    I have gone through some of the comments regarding criticising Aziz Jan and other young prospective leaders of our area. If someone is meeting with the politcal figures of Pakistan in an individual capacity or collectively we should encourage them, atleast they are trying to put our demand in the court of Govt. authorities.

    I appreciate Aziz and other friends for sparing their time for the nation; as it looks like.
    Bravo! keep it up and be sincere with the nation.

    It is easy to criticise but no one come forward to rectify.



  10. I do agree with the comment of Mr. Tojik and Mr. Nouroz. This is a dramma that Mr. Aziz Jon is trying to act like Hero. He did nothing from the last 4 years and now he is just doing his publicity by meeting the officials in Islamabad. and Mr. Rozdar the katputli once with Gazanfar and once with Ziz Jon. Every innocent people of the region knows well Mr. Ziz Jon famous for his KALWAT SIYASAT, my suggestion for him is KHUDA KE LYE YEH DRAMA BAAND KARDO.

  11. its great to see these young political leaders with the federal ministers.. but people need a change and they want to see these proposals in reality,, they also if they fail to make it in reality then its just making of fun for these political leaders… so plz be aware of the local media which play a main role in making news popular.

  12. it realy gives me eminence pleasure to have a glance of these young political leaders. this is the sign of prosperious future.

    i wishe to look you at the milestone of your life.

    best wishes and regadrs


  13. Mr. Aziz Jan…very nice pic…u look smart…and ya I agree with Mr. Nouroz and Tojik…you need to change your attitude first than you can do well…i wish u good luck to be a good leader of Gojal…hope so..but remember changing of attitude is must..think about this..the ground is open for you, try and try you can do it…again hope so..

    Tariq Aziz
    Area Sales Manager
    Ufone PTML

  14. Dear All
    like every one I also know these two in the picture. I do not trust this picture. Because I told Aziz to call me if he ahs to go to any meeting I will like to go. But he did not. I donot know.
    He has been very sharp in his ways to deal for his personal conserns.
    And the second guy he famous to hit get it and run,,,,,, so we should not say that well atlest they are doing something, NO nO
    Doing nothing is not that dangerous, but when something is done wrong that become more and life long dangerous,,,,.
    No to all and of our age well the world has chage no body can cheat. this an open world now

  15. Nice efforts… at least.. I was going throug the comments and was happy that every one is expressing their views though mostly personal attacks but are doing it without fear. Let me tell you that we should know that each lap needs tireless efforts and resources. If some body is meeting a minister or any high official what is harm in it… i am sure that would atleast convey some thing about the area if not the whole. Secondly your area gets attention and importance if people from the area visit the officials in Islamabad. The people should also remmember that such meeting were also held when the dryport issue was raised. I know this Aziz Jan, Farman, Wazir Beg protesting on the streeets of Islamabad and in Northern Areas. I know these people meeting minister in Gilgit and Islamabad and was covered by the media inclusing PT. Please remember those events in the history and these are the moments when political forces are utilized and mobilized. i expact that some very high demands are made during these meetings in Islamabad by any of the leader from the area.
    i am sure we all have some due role to play against injustice, poverty and for the overall development of the area including political maturity

  16. Politician Promises how to trust? It is good to struggle for your area keep tiring likes Spider .

  17. Politics should be for the people as politicians are supposed to be accountable for their deeds, but it is generally perceived in our society that politics is all about deception, embazzelment, Selfishness, fraud and a power for doing wrong things it is quite right as we are experiencing it within our society, so how we can abolish such a shameful practice out of our society??? It must be started individually where everyone in a society must be sincere in every field of life where a collective interest of the society must be preference over personal interest.

    I want to suggest the PT team that don’t allow to discuss personal issues and characteristics of any individuals as it may be wipeout the harmony among the people.

    Shahid Ali
    The FMFB Rawalpindi.

  18. Dear readers of PT,
    I have gone though most of the comments and have found great diversity in the opinions regarding Mr Aziz Jan Nadir’s meeting with one of the official representative of the country.

    There are certain matters which need to be addressed especially with reference to the current situation prevailing in our region.

    The first important thing is the political awareness which is still lacking in the region and has been a key source towards many problems which have become persistent.

    The second thing is, we try to judge things on personal grounds without looking at the common interest of the people of the region.

    The third thing is, we are never ready to appreciate someone who at least makes an effort without being a graduate of any reputed university. We claim for being the most literate people in the entire country but have never bothered to think of the political status of ours and the rights which need to be reinstated.

    The fourth thing is, we follow people who had their families influential in the era when people were in darkness and were tolerating the hardships of the then administrators.

    The fifth thing is, we are more into talks rather than being practical in our thoughts and approaches.

    I have my comments will not hurt anyone but are meant to highlight some core problems which are lying within ourselves.

    Aslam Ghalib
    Product Manager
    Bio-Rad Paksitan

  19. Dear All
    It not a personal thing, or self effort, these two were their for personal reason ,but were to repersent the whole community. So commont on their ways and menner and effort is the right of the people of the area. It is not and must not be cheerd.
    It should be discourage.
    We should not allowed sharp people to use the name for their fame, this is not right.
    And I know what happens when such acts are allowed.

  20. geo mr AZIZ JON… u r so poplar person man…….. WELL DONE ,,,,,
    TU SE GREAT HO G,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, good job,,,,,,,,

  21. Mr. Aziz Jan: Why are you so late? I mean you never meet someone at Islamabad in the past three or four years, but over the past few weeks you meet many ministers, is that a part of your compaign for upcoming elections?

    Mr. Ruzdor, what have you got to do with this? As far as Aziz is concern I can understand he is a PPP worker, but what about you? what are you doing man??


  22. Dear PT readers

    I would like to draw your kind attention towards a very important and basic need of our area that is ” ELECTRICITY”. we have to discuss it. Our political leaders have to talk with the concerne departments. why we are waisting our time by discussing photo graphs.

  23. i 100% agree with Saya… it is one of the core requirement of our area… request for PT readers to make a compaign of this issue.

  24. Great things are done men and mountain mets

    Well done and a great sign for economic prosperity , There is no real word for me to appericate your efforts . Keep it up We are with you .

  25. I dont really understand this Nazir… What is he about …. Nazir Bhai what hurts you if a elected representative from the area meets representative people in Islamabad. It is their Job as you have your own. Ofcourse they will strive for their career and it needs to develop linkages. Aziz may wish to you contest the forth coming election and links and media is always not in Pakistan but around the glob. If you have your own please come forward people will support you and you may be the next rep. of the area.

    It is every body’s right to meet and discuss issues and particularly it is the dire right of the elected representative. Aziz is a elected representative from the area and has the right to do politics. However people working for various civil Scoiety Institutions, government and other agencies have some boundries and it must be respected

  26. Dear All
    The reoprt is fine and its a good thing to share these things with your readers and point out things which are going wrong but pople should think that what they are writing in a news it is not for only the people of Gojal or for any special community, this news letter is for all who are leaving in NALA so if some one is doing woring it means that he is wrong. u have right to point out his weakness it is way that u have mentionebd in news paper about ethic and sect it is realy painfull we are already effected by these sectarian voilence.My suggation for all who are writing or editors we should think about what we are going or thinking or writing

  27. If the representatives are elected / nominated by the majority people who address their grievances with the Government would not be discouraged. They should be encouraged we people not work selfly also and not give chance for others.
    A good step towards initiating for solving economic issues is a good gesture.
    without any bias say the truth, problems would not be hanged it would and should be solve at any manner

  28. Dear Aziz

    You are doing good job keep it up.
    But I am surprise about Mr. Rozdar that why he feel shy with you?

    Ali Aman


  29. Dear Aziz

    You are doing good job keep it up.
    But I am surprise about Mr. Rozdar that why he feel shy with you?

    Ali Aman


  30. I think Aziz Jan would do a good job as a District Councillor. We should strive to elect him in the upcoming elections.

    why you mat the ministers n ya AZIZ last year y u were the pioneer of the protest in islamabad regarding da corruption in sost dry port.
    u PEOPLES also can sit in ur home n just critizing the persons doing atleast abit for his area.
    N ya some wrote on his personal habit. Kia thum logou ki adat mashre k lihaz se perfect hai.


  32. TO TARIQ.


  33. Thatz called the gr8 Leaders N Reperesentivez of our Area…!!! Thatz a gr8 step..!!!1
    Well done Leaders…!!!! Wish u best of luck in future..!!!

  34. Poor guys from North. Even in picture the Minister is busy with his own work and the supplicant are staring at the lens. It shows how empowered and engaging our politicians are.

  35. To Rozdar Ullah

    Brother when did you join the PPP……
    Just kidding.

  36. Well what ever we will not and should not let such people like the past into the root or right for struggle movements.
    Dear all I don’t want to be personal, but Mr. Aziz has never been positive in the past it was only his self and only leadership craze. He was among the pioneers from to destroy the platform of GISAK by establishing and becoming the head of SAS. Why he did that because he did not liked the way GISAK was working to the unity, educational difficulties and job problems faced. He never got to be called the leader but had the lust.
    And answering the mocking on Gojalies by the Mr. Ravian , well dear correct your information , he did nothing for the issue of Sosth Dryport at all what was done was something was is obvious to ever one. He was only the person tanking all the credit.
    So give you ideas and suggestions but live in the world with all senses active.

  37. in the coming election why should we not support a female leadership in our society? b/c they have the leading ability and they can do more than a male cadidate… so lets taste the leadership of any female, if sumone is in oue society.

  38. Dear Nazir….
    I dont know what stops you to enter politics with this high level of understanding and a broaden vision. Please do not let us to discuss the politics of GISAK and SAS. It is known to every one… what happend to GISAK and who did what…where were the corruptions and how those were dealt. There was a group at that time who had a sort of dictatorship on GISAK, and it was a time when people started dnying the majority and it was their attitude which impact GISAK. GISAK was shade by our blood if you remember,,, it was late Gul Mohammad you initiated this,,, do you know…..?

    Secondly it seems you are not aware of the process and efforts made for Sost Dry Port,,, you might be busy with your job at that time… you are not also not aware of the resolutions, protests, press conference and material contributions people have made for this… Therefore you are advised not to talk such things unless untill you have full information. you may have some personal graudges with Aziz but deal it personally not on this forum or if you have any desire to contest the forthcoming elections be open and declare it…People will definetely support you and why not… it is your democratic right


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