[PT Election Cell] News Roundup

  • PPP shall forget the thoughts of rigging elections in GB, said Sheikh Mushtaq Hussain, candidate from LA – 4, Nagar valley. He also said that the workers of Sheikh Ghulam Haider Najfi will also make his son successful
  • “I will keep the mission of my father alive”, said Sheikh Ahmed Ali, son of former NALC member Quran Ali, addressing a public gathering in Nagar
  • Shabbir Rizvi has withdrawn fro the election race in favor of PPP candidate Jameel Ahmed, in Gilgit city. The withdrawal is being seen as a turning point for the success of Jameel Ahmed. The withdrawal was announced here in Gilgit in the presence of Chaudhary Manzoor and Jameel Ahmed
  • Former member of Skardu district council Kachu Mehdi Ali KHan has withdrawn from the newelection race in favor of PPP candidate in Skardu
  • Independent candidate Shehbaz Khan has visited different villages of Hunza along with a delegation of Chinese officials and investors. He also visited the Pak -China Port, Sost. In Nasirabad he has promised to invest in construction of water channels and the marble industry
  • Hunza Action Committee has rebutted the “anti – Hunza” statements allegedly made by Zulfiqar Murad, a candidate from Nagar valley of the Hunza – Nagar district. Eman Shah, a leader of the committee, has said that the said candidate is fanning regional hatred by making irresponsible statements for political gainsAs part of the electioneering process Shehbaz Khan visited Nasirabad, Mominabad, Sarat and Ghamaysarat villages of Hunza valley
  • Ijlal Hussain, GBDA candidate, is contesting on a nationalistic agenda from Hunza. He is the first candidate in history of Hunza to contest on platform of a nationalist political party. Ijlal Hussain has remained associated with the Karakuram National Movement
  • Shehbaz Khan has said that the rumors of his withdrawal from the election race are ill intentioned and propagated by people who are afraid of his popularity and success prospects
  • Polling officers were engaged in a one-day workshop in Hunza, as part of the preparations for 12th November voting process

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