Consolidated result of Hunza elections

Click on the link below to open an excel sheet containing votes cast in every polling station of Hunza valley, with complete details for each candidate. The document has been prepared by Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

OPEN RESULT (Google Document)

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  1. Dear All. The polling stations for Hussainabad and Khiserabad was in a combined place and similar for Ghalapun, Moorkhoon and Jamalabad. Gircha and Sost were having polling stations in Sost.

    The results for all sub-villages in Chipurson are given in front of Yarzirich.

  2. Dear Zulfiqar,
    You and Pamir Times team have done excellent efforts in keeping us abreast of development in Gilgit-Baltistan election. It can serve as a beacon light for the efforts in future elections.

  3. Zulfiqar Bhai….
    Hattsss off… lotss of effort into compiling this data togather….

    Congrates ….. on being the secretary of the newly formed body of journalists in Hunza…

    Good work keep it up..

  4. Dear Zulfiqar
    Ghalapan Moorkhun and Jamalabad were the polling station at Moorkhun and Gircha, Sarteez, Nazimabad, Hussainabad and Sost were in Sost Polling Station.

  5. I being great lover of Gilgit-Baltistan(though I donot belong here),
    I find Pamirtimes satisfying my lust to know most about the Region,
    while I am sitting in Rawalpindi.

  6. This means, PT lies too…as per Mr sher,Gallapan,Jamalabad and Morkhoun polling station at Morkhoun, plz make corrections.Thanks………….Great job,for all Election news

    Keep up the good work,alway remain positive for the progress of Hunza….Keep in mind We are only fighting for the progress of our Region as a all……………We are the one to bring change to our society
    Alway do best for Gilgit and Baltisan

    Pakistan Zinda abad, I hope with the same PPP govt, We shall now have the complete rights as full citizen of Pakistan,

    Lets wait for the affiliation with Pakistan Parliament and into the consitution of Pakistan

    Lets hope Pakistan will give us our full rights. as a PAKISTANI

    Thanks love to all.

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