[Pictory] The aftermath of Attabad disaster…..Latest pictures from disaster affected areas of Gojal

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan

The water level in the lake formed on Hunza river is receding day by day and the submerged houses are re-emerging from the water. The appearance of the submerged houses and land tells the true story of the disaster and its future implications. Theses pictures are from the flood affected areas of Gulmit and surrounding villages will tell you a lot about the true situation there.

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  1. indeed heartrending nd tragic..but thats part of d almost everyday happening of plant Rampage..more of a geological change that runs along vd evolution.MMMuch about this mini disaster-nw lets take on the real disaster—d Ethical diaster,,that v r heading 2wards..

  2. The devastation shown in these pictures show that the people of Gojal are politically orphan. The people who supported the PPP candidates overwhelmingly in the last election were literally let to be drowned in the lake formed by the Attabad landslide happened on January 04, 2010.

    The economy of the whole Gojal has collapsed. The people of Gojal who grow potato and fruits as cash crops to run their domestic economy were made dependent on the aids. The Government did not show any interest to resolve this problem seriously despite the fact that the closure of KKH which is the economic artery of Gilgit Baltistan, is cut off almost for one year now. This closure has also caused huge losses to the government besides the interests of our tested neighbor China.

    There seems to be no public advocacy institution in the GB who can raise voice for the rights of the people. Nor there seems the apex courts taking notice of this prolonged suffering of over 25,000 population of Gojal, who are heading to face the harsh winter. This winter will be the most difficult one as mobility may halt once the lack water freezes and there will be no mode of transport available to the people to travel our of Gojal for in case of emergency.

    Why are the educated youth so helpless and disorganized for their rights, is a really big question.

  3. @jojon… 100% facts…

    yea we youth r disorganized, not unite.. but who divided us is the question?

  4. Zulfi! Would you please post some pictures from Shishkat as well.Thanks for your voluntarily services for PT.

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