Destroyed link road and water channel in Avgrach valley remain unnoticed

by Aminuddin Posh

Islamabad, July 30: Massive debris flow in Avgarch and Moorkhun Nalla had destroyed cultivated lands, main channels of village Moorkhun, Jamalabad and Ghalapan, on July 25th.

The flood also damaged a new link road jointly constructed by AKRSP and Gojal Rural Support Organization (GRSO) recently.

The flood has also damaged the drinking water supply pipelines of Jamalabad village.  People of the area facing problems in accessing pastures, nallahs and crop fields.

The people of Galapan , Moorkhun, Jamalabad, Gircha and Sarteez villages have demanded of the government to take swift measures to restore the link road to Avgarch and Biober nalla on emergency basis and compensate those affected by the flood.

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