20 inches drop in dammed Hunza River water level

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Gulmit, August 10: Water level in the dammed Hunza River has dropped by around 20 inches during the last night according to information shared by local villagers.

The water level had earlier risen by over six feet due to floods at various upstream locations leading to dismantling of7 more houses in Gulmit and 4 in Shishkat.

Temperature generally starts dropping in the upstream areas from mid of August so the local people are hoping that water inflow may not rise significantly in the coming days. However, because of strange weather patterns there is also a level of uncertainty in certain quarters who think that nothing can be said with surety.

The government has yet to start expansion and lowering of the barrier height despite of a decision taken at the highest level two weeks ago. Let’s remind the readers that over 80 million rupees had been approved for restarting new work on the lake barrier. Chinese help had also be obtained for the same purpose but so far nothing is happening adding to the frustration of locals for whom the delay means more destruction.

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  1. Thank you PT team for your tremendous services by posting news and updates about the situation in gojal and all over Gilgit-Baltistan.

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