GBLA speaker Wazir Baig not happy with compensation package for Attabad lake affectees

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Islamabad, July 4: “I was chairman of the committee constituted by the government to assess losses in Attabad. We had submitted a report to the home secretary, indicating estimated losses of Rs780 million. But the compensation package offered by the government is much below our expectations”.

The above statement was given by GBLA speaker Wazir Baig while talking to The Express Tribune.

It is pertinent to note that 100 million rupees have been set aside by the GB government for those affected by the Attabad landslide disaster and the damming of Hunza River.

The speaker also reportedly said that people living in camps as IDPs are going through harsh times and many have developed psychological disorders due to the trauma caused by loss of hard earned assets.

“I’ve met displaced people living in temporary camps. I’ve found that they, especially their women, are developing physiological problems because they have lost everything, even the hope of returning to their homes,” Baig reportedly told Sahabbir Mir during the exclusive interview.

Wazir Baig also said that he is not clear about impact of the spillway created to drain the 24 kilometers lake that has destroyed thousands of Kanals of land, several bridges and a huge portion of the Karakuram Highway. “We are being kept in dark about the situation”, he reportedly alleged.

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  1. …..pahla to bada -ive interviews dya …faver ke government ke ab kasa mila ga Rs780 million…..??????
    wazir sab ap na he april 1st, 12:30pm , ptv ko interview de the na…k
    “hunza ke itne bade abadee ha jis ma 1000(hazroon) gar han agar 200 dob gaya to koi itne bade qimat ke bat ni……and hamara pas har chez augest tak stock ha ..government na har dam hamere maded ke ha ”
    so abi kuch pasa jab ma dalna ka muka ni daa rahe government tab hosh ma aya ho……
    agar tara ghar pani ma chala jata na tab tuja ishas hota and start sa awam ko support karta to sahid kuch bachat hote ap ke…

  2. Wazir Baig Sb.
    “Jesa Karo Gey Wesa Bharo Gey”
    You kept the people of Hunza in Darkness so the same darkness is coming towards you………. You intentionall put people of hunza in disaster ….. soon it will also come towards you…… so be prepare for it.

  3. What took Mr. Speaker so long to realize that he was not being heard by the government and is kept in dark, we have been crying to make you realize since the January 4, 2010 and were also trying to make you realize that you took the wrong course of going against the people who unfortunately decided to vote for you as their leader.

    You and your government have been keeping the whole population of Hunza, Gojal in particular and GB in general, in darkness for the last 6 months.

    Mr. Speaker, you were perhaps cheated by your colleagues who perhaps had a hidden agenda to eliminate you from politics and destroying your constituency in such a way that the 4 decades of development and the fruits of the great struggle for freedom from the Meerdom by our great leaders like late Gul Mohammad and colleagues during the late 60s and early 70s went all lost. You and your own government have thrown us 2 centuries backward in the history, if you realize.

    Had you taken the right step at the right time and taken the peoples’ side, your name could have written with golden words in he history, but you chose to destroy your own people. I am sure that the damage you have caused to your party in Hunza could take a very long time to repair the breach of trust.

    But it is too late for you to realize as two human settlements have almost completely swallowed by the lake, curtsey you and your government.

    Good bye, Wazir Baig and Uncle Mutabiat.

    People of Gojal will never like to see you again.

    1. Plz Jojon i think with a hide name like Jojon u cant do any thng

      u have to tell your name.

      1. What about your identity?. Have you revealed yours, I suppose not, then how can you ask for mine?

        I think every one has a right to express himself, and I am doing what I feel is my right being a native of Hunza.

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