Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

GBLA approves Board of Revenue Act 2010

GILGIT, Feb 1 (APP): The third session of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly was held here on Tuesday with recitation from the Holy Quran. The Speaker Gilgit-Baltistan Wazir Baig presided over the session.
The GBLA unanimously approved Act for establishment of Board of Revenue to streamline the system of taxes in a proper manner.
Minister for Law Wazir Shakil read out the clauses of the Act. Wazir Shakil said that earlier, the G-B lacked Courts of Revenue and after the approval of the BoR, there would be a proper forum to deal with the affairs of the revenues.
Member Janbaz Khan also spoke on the occasion.
The Speaker advised the treasury benches to furnish the answers of question till next session.
The House also supported the motion tabled by an Independent Member Syed Razi-ud-Din Rizvi prohibiting sale of SIM and mobiles to youngsters under age of  20.
The House also unanimously passed the motion. The Speaker adjourned the session to meet on Thursday.

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  1. They don’t really believe they can actually prevent under-20 from using cell phone now do they? Making it illegal for an under-20 to have mobile is same as making your youth used to doing illegal things, that gives them a head-start. this is ludicrous!

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