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The beauty of Batura

Batura Glacier (57km long) is one of the largest and longest glaciers outside the polar regions.[1] It lies in the Gojal region of the Northern Areas of Pakistan, just north of Batura (7,795 m) and Passu (7,500 m) massifs. It flows west to east. The lower portions can be described as a grey sea of rocks and gravelly moraine, bordered by a few summer villages and pastures with herds of sheep, goats, cows and yaks and where roses and juniper trees are common. [Wikipedia]

Photo: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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  1. Batura provides beautiful scenery to foreign tourists. It attracts people from all over the world to Hunza valley. Thousands of tourists travel Batura every year, because it is one of the famous longest glaciers of the world. A lot of peaks (more then 7000 meter) are situated in Batura Range. The middle of this glacier is white and the both sides are black with materiel load. At some places small glaciers have merged with each other and formed medial moraines.

    It is a U shape valley. It is alignment is from northwest to southeast, situated on the northwest of the KKH and Passu village. Batura pastures are located on the both sides of Batura Glacier, in the south lies the area of Hussaini and in the north is Passu. These are seasonal settlements for four and five months from May to October.

    Ali Rehmat Musofer
    E-T Mor

  2. Batura is actually a very beatiful place, v must say because this is reality……….
    Its location is already given above…..
    Being Passvics v want to add some more information about Batura th8 it consists of other small parts too……
    When u start ur journey from passu, the place u first reach is
    Younz, then vzok perth, then Yashperth, then Kookhell & then
    There are also other small parts but the main places r these…
    Among these which we love the most is YASHPERTH whose pics r given above….b/c the scenes r so charming…………
    Well, at last v want to mention that HAM BATURA KI JITNI TARIF BHI KARE…….THATS LESS…..

  3. Gul Batur is famous for its huge glacier, majestic high mountainous terrains, beautiful pastures, and tourist destinies.

    Although there is no adequate words to express my love for Batura but hve strived to say few lines

    Dear homeland which I love forever
    The eternal beauty does it contain
    Huge glaciers and gushing rivers
    For ever they will remain
    Cool breeze and frosty winter
    Fragrant air and the rain
    How shall I say how shall I express
    My every thought my every day
    The day it all begins with you

    (Note: I will complete it by tomorrow)

  4. Dear sisters
    too good that you have provided some more details about batura, dear sisters i would like to make a request to you that while reading your comments it seems that you people are intelligent students, your writing seems affective but i dont know that wether you have lost some letter in some words/helping verbs or the editors have hijacked them. Pamir times is not only to share ideas but is a place to learn from our elders. please do write the full form of the following
    Are not R
    We not V
    you not U
    your not UR

    this can be used in text messages or chatings but here you are to share as well as to learn

    NOTE: lup yor agar chalana ho to chala lo edit karna ho to karlo agar sahi nai hai to mita do .

  5. Hay shireen pupin vay hail,
    I always remind the words of my Mom about the beauty of Gul Batura.
    She has spent her childhood in Passu before her marriage and has many beautiful memories that have always been a source of inspiration for me and for my family.
    I would love to visit Gul Batura whenever I get a chance and will relate the words of my mother to the actual scenario.
    Even my elder brother was born in Batura and was first propsed the name as Bature Khon.
    I really opt to get to Batura and explore the natural beauty.
    Aslam Ghalib

  6. i have a request that don,t call butura,it is gul butura, so kindly you must know the full name of the place about which you are paying your arguments.then secondwe are proud to be the residential of paradise (passu) .i consider gul butura the 8th wonders of the world. if any one as any objection please you can have a treak to see the paradise i will try my best to explane about some part of gul butura
    Gull butura wall:-
    there are 41 mountian all over the world which have the height of about 7000m. gul butura wall is one of them.
    it is taht part of gul butura which was used for agricultural purpose at that time the people of passu bring crops from yashpartone of the beautuifull part of gul butura.
    shilmin :-
    it is near gochasiam a wast land full of flowers.the second importance of shilman is that it is the gate of hortum valley.
    fatima hall:-
    it is a long and wast mady land and it is the gate of dast fitima hall it is also one of the beautifull part of gul butura.
    after covering a distance of three hours with normal speed the rocky place along with hortum river.

    because of short time i can,t guaid you about all the beautifull pastures and mountains of gul butura

    with best hopes
    Najeeb Ullah Sagar
    F.C College lahore

  7. Dear home land which i love for ever
    Eternal beauty does it contain
    The huge glacier the gushing river
    For ever they will remain

    Your rapid streams and fountains
    For ever in my mind arise
    The blue sky clouds and rain
    For ever in my fancy flies

    White dressed valley in frosty winter
    The image lies still in my eyes
    I haven’t adequate words to say
    The dawn when the sun does rise

    How shall I express how shall I say
    The colors of heaven flour with dew
    My every thought my every day
    The day it all begins with you

  8. Gыl Btыr Helgaišt (Batura Valley Pastures)

    Gыl Btыri xы xušroyigh bobaten mašыr… Gыl Btыr Helgave woz jay ve nugišt yem zel:

    Passu Helgaišt woz jay ve nugišt:

    Yыnz, Yыnz Ben, Vežok Pert, Yaš Pert, Šilmin, Fыtma-hel, Kыk-hel, Gыcesm, Hurtum………….

    Hussaini (Sisuni) Helgaišt woz jay ve nugišt:

    Mulungin, Past Xarben, Wыč Xarben, Xumreg, Tingigh, Xor žoy, Kirkaswaṣ̌k, Wыdmыr, Maydun, Savz žoy, Zaq Nawgarč, Lup Nawgarč, Mum-hel, Savsigh……..

    Ce manki čiz nung werxk sašt yowe nivšit…Ṣ̌oboṣ̌it

    Xikwor Alifbe (Wakhi Alphabet)

    Saave Amkor………..Musofer

  9. hmm great nd fabluos i knw i my comment is to late but i just wanwa say tht batura is a real fairy land nd nodoubt if we calld it one of the heaven
    i never visitd but as we saw the pics cym to knw tht

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