Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

[Birthday] 3 Pamir Times Years

Congratulations Team PT. Today we complete three years of continuous voluntary services. Thank you readers and contributors for your support and trust.

11 thoughts on “[Birthday] 3 Pamir Times Years

  1. It is really a great feeling that Pamir Times has successfully gained international recognition within a short period of only 3 years. This really show the commitments, resilience, devotion and deep conviction and trust in the power of volunteerism combined with professionalism.


    I congratulate Zulfi, Noor and all the volunteer contributors and supporters from the core of my heart for this marvelous common space where we can share our views, ideas, thoughts, sorrows, joys, successes, weaknesses, achievements, geography, society, economics, development and our culture.

    You are truly our diplomates of the people of Pamirs. God bless you and God bless our homeland, Pakistan.

  2. Happy Birth day PT. have got no comments as Jojon has already written it in a very fantastic way. God Bless You PT.

    may god u people get whatever you desire AMEEN…
    The role of this organization for bringing the people together and bridging the gapes can’t be forgettable…. :):)
    Anayat Baig Alvi

  4. Happy birthday to PT. I would like to congratulate the passionate and hard working team of PT for successful completion of 3 years of their journey of providing information, up to date news about the region and awarness source for youth. Many best wishes with PT and its great team!!!!!

  5. congratulations to PT on your 3 years birthday. All team members have done excellent job.

  6. Congratulation Pamir Times!
    You have done excellent job, the way you people are providing news and information in a professional manner is really appreciable.
    Keep the same spirit and good luck for the future ahead!

  7. Happy Birthday. I watch News from you every day in Japan. Thank you for staff. I will pray for more and more development in future.

  8. Happy Birth Day Pamir Times. voice of Gilgit-Baltisan!
    Congratulations to Noor ,Zulfiqar and rest of the PT Team, has been a great source of news ,sharing across the globe about the region and world! educating,highlighting , disseminating and spreading the voice as well as issues , news of the people and the region!
    i solute you for your impossible efforts over the years ,the efforts have been loaded internationally that is its genuine approach!, i pray and wish more success, progress and more issues to cater and gather for considerations about the area!
    Good Luck!

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