[SOS] 500 plus people, including an injured staff of NAPWD, stuck in Gulmit and Aliabad


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GULMIT, February 5: Nisar Ullah Baig son of Rehmatullah, hailing from Yarzerech Chipursan  is an employee of the NAPWD. He was seriously injured after getting electrocuted a couple of days back while on official duty. He has been suffering at an empty hospital in Gulmit Gojal, the Tehsil Headquarter. There are no boats or choppers to take him out of the region for treatment.

The much trumpeted Chopper service that was to be managed jointly by the NDMA, GB Government and the Aga Khan Foundation has been out of operations, leaving the 25,000 people at the mercy of nature, without any medial care.

It is pertinent to note that several doctors, including one belonging to Hunza Valley, have refused to serve in Gojal Valley, despite of being on the government’s payroll. The GB Health Minister has failed to depute a doctor in the Gojal Valley, despite of making promise on floor of the house.

A renowned social scientist, based in the federal capital, has expressed the fear that geographic isolation of Gojal Valley may lead to ideological isolation also, if the government, administration and the civil society fail to reach out and help the people on humanitarian grounds.

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  1. Serious negligence by the elected representatives , government of GB and so called the NGOs including AKDN failed to provide basic health facilities to the much isolated people of Gojal valley.
    What pity the GB government is so powerless or insensitive to the basic rights of the stranded population of the strategical important region of Pakistan.

  2. AKF helicopters are now only being used for VIPs and their CEO. Not for poor people they were meant for.

  3. we say shame to mahdi shah and our representative wazir baig. pl save us. we r a part of gilgit bltistn not china

  4. no one come to save you my dear ,if you have power if you have will , if have courage, take stand show your strength, v r depriving from our basic rights because people who are in institutional positions, who represent your area in govt sector , need a lesson , teach them , awake them ……….. if not wait n wait as AKDN adopted WAITE AND SEE POLICY in attabad disaster, As far as Gov’t is concerned they need to taste our bitterness bcz they just know our sweet attitude , we have to give a reminder of our heritage ……….
    we wait enough …. no more ….. the human dignity is demolishing day by day …..

  5. Bibi abi bi zinda hain? where is gone this slogan now? I wont comment more. what happend to the promises one Army male and one army Female doctor was promised by our Administrations to be placed in Gulmit?????? When do We get our RIGHTS now? If we are Gilgit ,Baltistan this does not mean We are Third race People. WHy? we are Treated like Orphans in Gojal? (Gilgit,Baltistan) Do We have the rights?for basic needs?

  6. kash ye sb hum ne os waqt socha hota jb elctions ho rahai thy,os waqt hum mazhabi or alaqayi tasub k opr vote cast kr rahai hote hn sb hamare kiye ka saza mil raha hai..

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