AJK premier wants royalty of Diamir dam?

Islamabad, April 3: Gilgit – Baltistan is a part of the state of Kashmir. We have stakes in the Diamir dam and we would not leave our rights. We are not against the rights of people of Gilgit – Baltisan but we have reservations against the governance structure introduced in the region.

These controversial views were expressed by prime minister of AJK while talking to Attaullah Shahab and Syed Afzal of the Gilgit – Baltistan Council yesterday.

Farooq also said that people of Gilgit – Baltistan have sacrificed a lot for the independence of Kashmir.

He also said that the decision to rename Northern Areas as Gilgit – Baltistan is a result of the long and harsh struggle by people of Gilgit – Baltistan.

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  1. PM of AJK do your own business and stop blackmailing the people of GB. Will you justify that why you need royalty in the dam? What is your blessing on the people of GB?

  2. The People of Gilgit Baltistan have never heard a word of sympathy from these Kashmiris to the miseries of being left unrepresented for the last six decades and now these guys whom the people of Gilgit Baltistan literally do not know, claim the royalty.

    Subhan Allah, what a country, Gora Sahab!

  3. People of gilgit-baltistan have to now wake up to face these kinds of attitude from external groups of people . we must stand up for protection of our land and identity, otherwise our region will be a soft target for enemies.

  4. Mr. PMmmmmmmmmmmmm, you should concentrate on AJK and not disturb the people of GB. India is diverting the water from Neelum and Jheelum rivers, for creating new dams and Hydel projects, you better ask India for Royalty. Please do disturb us… and by the why are you asking for that…. what is ur role in GB… we have never ask for you support or never u render any support during our difficulties but now you are demanding for ………

  5. The Kashmiri leadership from time to time issues such statements and the very next moment forgets everything and awakes sometime latter to issue such statement again. Although they know it very well that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan don’t want to be the part of Kashmir yet whenever they get time from the their engagements of power game, they issue this type of statements. They should know that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan do not take their statements seriously and neither they expect anything from them. The Kashmiri leadership has been enjoying its own government since 1948 and they have been going through the electoral process every now and then and in the process they have democracy in function, institutions well established, development well in place as well in progress, people have say as well as share in matters pertaining to their rights in their territory. While on the other hand, Gilgit-Baltistan stands deprived from all those described above and enjoyed by Kashmiris during all this time. Kashmiri leadership could never talk about these issues and they acted as if Gilgit-Baltistan is none of their concerns and neither ever they contacted the people of this region. Now, at a point, when Gilgit-Baltistan has made its existence realised, its importance familiarised, and its position well understood, what makes the Kashmiri leadership come up with such statements?

  6. Royalty for which Loyalty?
    1. When the Heroes of GB pushed Dogras and reached Srinagar there were you Kashmiries who invited the Baharati Pandits against the freedom fighters(still they r serving u).
    2. Due to the conspiracy of kashmiri leadership the people of GB r still struggling for their constitutional rights.
    3. History Proves Kashmiries have never been well wishers of people of GB.

  7. 63 years passed for Pakistan

    Kashmir Primeir.

    When You have built a Kashmir House in Islamabad

    Have you ever thought of Having even a single interaction with the people of Gilgit-Baltistan?????????No your doors are closed for un untill today?

    Do You even bother to open the gates of Kashmir House in Islambabad for the Poor people of Gilgit-Baltistan

    Now only You have realized the importanc of GB?Wait see the stragic importance of GB /

    We the GB are blessed with Everything a land with crime free

    We Dont not want the ” EVIL EYES ” of Kashmir or any third party to dare talk or look into Gilgit -Baltistan

    Stay Away from Pointing any fingers and claiming for any rights from the people of GB.

    Our struggle will be continued.We are going to make Pakistan realize if not Today sooner or later.

    We GB have to have a Province and insitutions of our own but not a dummy Assembly like the Kashmiris,

    Long live Gilgit-Baltistan -(LAND OF PEACE PEOPLE)

  8. Itz all running on the statement on our respected CM Mehdi Shah.
    Before the visit of Punjab, He gave a good statement that GB is not a part of Kashmir. But not much time ago, the next day he said in Islamabad that GB is a part of kashmir. What a marrical in you mr CM. We have choosen our leader Like that……

  9. The people and administration of Kashmir are not happy with the so called GB constitutional package, in the past they never raised their voices against this unrepresented part of Pakistan and the miseries we are facing. Now claiming for the royalty in Diamer Basha Dam is an unjustified and illigitmate. The people of GB condemn this claim and suggest the Kashmiries not to interfere in the issues of GB.

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