Chipursan Road…. The forgotten diary

By Sultan Ahmed & Naweed-e-Sahar

Chipursan valley is located at a strategically important location owing to its proximity to the Wakhan and Tajik borders. But this valley is deprived of the basic communication and transportation infrastructure. The local administration and the government seem to have no regard for the  people of the valley and are  unaware of the repercussion of their indifference towards this strategically important valley.

One such story is that of the so called ‘ jeep able road” ( though it is hardly possible for a jeep to cross it easily) connecting Chipursan with Sost Gojal.  After the heavy rains in July-August this year, landslide near Taju chakki (flour mill) had tamed the river for some time which ultimately damaged the Chipursan road. Thanks to the  local volunteers, the road is now through after remaining blocked  for almost  one month.  Small bridges were also damaged at 2-3 places which were repaired by volunteers. Standing crops were also badly damaged by the heavy rains. The people of the valley face a lot of difficulties  commuting between different parts of Gojal and elsewhere.

The residents have also expressed grave concerns over the dilatoriness in the truck able road project which had been started many years ago and after spending millions of rupees no significant progress has been made. Not even ten percent portion has been completed of the 70 km long road project. The heavy machineries bought for this purpose have been left at various palces on the working site without any purpose, with no human visible arround, to use them or take care of them. The contractors and local political representatives seem to have no plan to see the project ever completed.

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  1. well done media to raise one of the important issue yes it was promised by the current take care federal miniter for gilgit baltistan and communication during his election campaign that truck able road will be satrated soon for chiporsan and shim shal i am fully optimistic the the promise would be fulfilled but the acting governnor can aske the federal even satrate it know he should realise what is the power of the governor he should tray to commence projects as mach as he can for his constituency during the tenure of his governer shipe

  2. Thanks Sultan and Naweed-e-Sahar for hi-lighting the state of Chipursan link road. We never hear any thing about the problems they face at least not in the media.

    About the Truck able road please do request those passing by to send some images of abandoned machinery and then either of you or some one else can cask relevant Executive Engineer about the reason for work stoppage on project. If one could get the version of Contractor why work has stopped that will also help.

    You have mentioned about the volunteers fixing the Jeep able road, please if you can then do ask for some images and the work done by them. They must be identified and thanked / appreciated for their contribution, this is the least we could do.

    I am sure with your reporting some of the material will be picked up by main stream media thus giving wider coverage, which will help solving the problem.

    Please do write more about Chipursan, it is remote no doubt about it but there is lot which one can write about it. Please add images so people can see for them self what you are writing about.

  3. I appreciate your concern regarding a remote valley like Chupurson which has always been neglected by the responsible persons and the political leaders of that particular area.
    A strong heart one can only travel through Chuporson Road. I Solute to the drivers who regularly drive through the road.
    There are countless problems to explore but a major issue of the valley is transportation problem. Cost has been doubled due to current landslide issue at Ataabad and some local vehicle owners are overcharging making hazards for the masses. I think we should ask Govt. for providing public transport (NATCO Service) from Sost to Zudhkon so that people can easily travel from different villages to Sost.

  4. Sultan and Naveed has indeed shared a very serious and contomplating issues. As it has been observed that the politicians are always begging vote from these people of far flung areas like Chipurson Shimshal and Misgar making to many false promises. Dispite becomming part of spectator can we be part of Sultan and Naveed and take some effective jesture in this regard.

  5. Indeed, good effort by Uncle Sultan and Najeeb Ullah for highlighting such serious issues pertaining to such far flung area. This is not a big deal that our political leaders are unable to deal with such serious issue, which has been procrastinated for decades. The problem is that being acquainted of the worse protagonist character of our politicians, why the people are still electing them twice or thrice time, including majority of voters are from educated class.

  6. thanks you Sultan and Naveed to give the real story about chipursan road, actually the Govt. have no any interest to deal this all issues and problems.
    the govt do not take a practical step to investigate the real story about???
    you know well that
    (action speak louder then words)

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