5 more houses dismantled in Gulmit

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Gulmit, June 22: The lake formed as a result of January 4 landslide at Attabad continues to wreck life and property in upstream villages. Level of the lake has risen by around 17 feet after the water started flowing through a narrow spillway.

Five more houses have been dismantled in the Tehsil headquarter of Gojal valley during today.

The total number of houses destroyed by the lake has reach up to 200, majority being in Ayeenabad and Shishkat.

It is pertinent to note here that four hotels, around 120 shops, wood workshops and a post office and bank office have been caused to submerge by the lake that has reached the outskirts of Passu, the fifth village of Gojal valley directly affected by the lake water.

A population of around 25000 people remain disconnected from rest of the country due to destruction of the Karakuram Highway.

In the meanwhile FWO has reportedly started widening of the spillway to safely increase discharge of more water from the lake. Expansion of the spillway has the potential to reduce risk for villages in the upstream and downstream areas.

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