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BNSO’s newly elected cabinet

Photo Release

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  1. we wel come the appointement of the new office bearers of BNSO.We hope that newly elected cabinet will unite the youth under the umberlla of one nation theory.

  2. It’s very simple dear, Jiye BNSO is saying, We da people of G-B are a One Single Nation, fulfilling all da requirments of da modern definiftion of da concept of “Nation”.

  3. @ Hyder

    Could you illustrate and enlighten us about the One Nation definition in the context of G-B. I don’t think so could BNSO will ever try to amalgamate the different fictions of BNF. Try to unite yourself 1st then go for others…Charity begins at home…..try to put your own house in order…….

  4. You may be right abt BNF, they are seperated, BuT, Da Ideology is still da Same..!!! History witnesses of many Traitors among da Nations of da world, as a student i have gone through some hard research and then joined this movment…..
    I dn’t believe on any Groups, im here coz i believe we could atleast take an initiative, coz, it’s da vision, it’s da Purpose which drives da Nations, not da personalities..!!
    Moa-De-Dhong is gone, but China is still a Nation, Gandhi is no more in dis world, but India still exists…!!
    Wid da Grace of God, we are not divided, BNSO one entity, there’s no discrimination among da students.
    And Inshallah, we’ll Re-Unite our Nation, Once again..!!!
    For more illustration of Baloristani Nation, u,ve to go through ur history literature. (books, magazines or elders who got sum knwledge abt da past) Coz, untill n unless u’ll not learn abt ur past u’ll never be able to decide ur present or future positions.
    Burtrand Russel said, “when i want to learn smthing, i just study my past, and i get wot i want”
    No bady can deny that, We were a Nation, v’re a Nation and inshallah we’ll be a Stronger Nation…!
    Really, am not telling a lie..!!!!
    U can conduct a small “REASEARCH” dear.

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