AKESP raises tuition fees in Hunza – Nagar and Gilgit

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Gilgit, May 28: While hundreds of families in Gojal, Hunza, Nagar and Gilgit are suffering from the worst crisis of their lives, the authorities at Aga Khan Education Services Pakistan seem to be unaware of their difficulties. In a recently issued notification AKESP has raised tuition fees for all classes by 15 %, informed sources have told Pamir Times.

An AKES official on condition of anonymity told Pamir Times that AKESP increases the tuition fees every year and the recent notification is a continuation of the normal practice. He, however, said that the decision is inconsiderate and is likely to trigger more frustration in the region.

It is pertinent to note that AKESP is one of the largest private school systems in Gilgit – Baltistan.

Public circles have condemned and rejected the fee hike decision and demanded relief for the affected people. A representative of the Gojal Youth Organization alleged that AKESP is getting millions of dollars in aid from international agencies and using most of the funds for paying bulky salaries to its staff. He demanded that AKESP shall waive fee for all the affected regions.

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  1. Is this joke with the people of Hunza – Gojal?
    My humble request to the Directors of AKES to please look at the ground realities of the area and do not decide sitting on your comfortable seats in Karachi. Oh God when the AKES Managers and Directors of Karachi will realize the situation?

  2. the litarcy rate of attabad is low it is beacuse the AKESP , who raises fee every year with out consideration of people backgroud, every one is awre the city like karachi their is not increase in that % which is necessory , while they have the opportunity of walfare in AKESP local borads .. we reject this decission of AKESP

  3. It is not a good idea to fish in the troubled water. This is not a proper time for the organisation to think of maximising its revenue by putting more burden on already suffering people. In the current situation, the organisation should have waived existing fee in its schools to alleviate some of the troubles faced by the people. Increasing fee at this moment will act as sprinkling salt on the wounds.

  4. >>AKESP increases the tuition fees every year and the recent notification is a continuation of the normal practice. <<

    This is a bad sign. They should be considerate of the unusual situation. People should submit their protest to have them back down from this policy.

  5. AKES,P is insensitive. They need to reduce their overheads of Karachi office. CEO I hear gets paid in $. They should compare their cost,overheads with The Citizen foundation. What is GRB doing……..sleeping.
    Somebody should investigate the accounts of AKES,P. GRB is not capable or willing.

    Where is the money going. There should be regional accounting.Each region should account for it’s receipts and it’s expenses.

    Do you see the difference between a good NGO like FOCUS who cares and helps the people in difficulties and a insensitive NGO like AKES,P.
    AKES,P should waiveing all fees for three years of students in Gojal,Hunza,Gilgit.

  6. This shows the sincerity of our Institutions with the people of Gojal…
    We are already very disappointed from our institutions and it is because all the authority is in the hands of people living in Karachi..I think they do not understand our problems..they are enjoying a very handsome salary slabs, so they care least about the community….The power should not be centralized anymore and now it is time to raise voice against these injustice.

  7. It is time to remove your childern from AKES schools and inter them in Govt. schools where there is no GOvt. schools the must demand from the govt to establish Govt. school in there areas. in this situation we the poor people of Hunza Gojal can’t pay this highly fees. this is crucial situation for us to fight with poverty. AKEs is busness and the stander is also dicresed nowadays. we have to find the solution overselves.
    Regargds to the Poor people of Hunza Gojal.

    1. I agree with you. we the community should work to improve the quality at the existing government schools. I am damn sure it won’t be difficult coze majority and in most cases, all the teachers and head teachers belong to the same community and they are the ones who run the community schools, they can spare their energies and strengthen their mother organizations (government schools). This indeed would be a great contribution on their part in the rebuilding process. State is responsible for the provision of education of every child from K-10 under the universal declaration of human right, and we shouldn’t let this right go. Since we have the infrastructure (government schools) already in place, and the government pays a handsome amount of salaries to its teachers, we should utilize these facilities at most. It is high time for us and we should use it as an opportunity to correct the plummeting quality in our government schools and ensure quality education for all.

  8. AKDN and their institutions motto and aim is for the welfare and betterment of the poor class and if look to Gojal region some individuals and organizations claim that we have 80%, 90% or else some one says 100% I suggest those organizations and individuals to kindly look on the ground realities….
    AKESP decision of 15% increase in tuition fee why not these decisions implement in District Ghizer, Skardu and Astore?
    Dear. Madam you are also belong to this region and kindly use your power and direct to the authorities sitting in Karachi. if not kindly resign.

  9. It looks like a joke or the head of AKESP is duff and dump or he may have a very biased / imprudent attitude. Due to this catastrophe, whole the region is extremely shuddered by the economic down turn, which will take significant time in rehabilitation. In such situation, it’s the prime responsibility of AKESP that they must wave-off all the tuition fees for a certain period of time. We urge the AKESP concern authorities to get back from the original position even announcing the tuition free package for the affected area.

  10. Its quite surprising that the administration of AKES has increased the fees without thinking that this will further aggravate the economic situation of the depriving people.
    In contrary, the outstanding dues of the affected students should be waived to enable them to continue with their studies without any interruption.

  11. It is really very sad to know about the decission of the Director and Mangers of AKESP Pakistan about the rise in tution fee of students including Gojal. We have always requested the AKESP Board (Karachi) to review their policies soon after the 9-11 due to recession in the economy.
    4th January brought 100 times more misiries and decline in the economy and earning of the community of Gojal in general and Aieen abad to Hussaini in particular. At this time when the government and other agencies are planning to support the clamity hit communitiesthe and AKESPs rise in tution fee seems strange.
    The AKESP Board members and other officials of AKESP are requested to kindly review their decission and support the communities to continue education of their children.
    With kind regards

    Aziz Khan
    LEB, Gulmit Gojal

  12. AKESP doesn’t make fun of plz dn’t spread rumors.akesp knws better wat is good and wat is bad for people of hunza.i hopewatevr akesp do that wil be gud for hunza.

  13. Increasing fees by 15% every year is AKESP policy. This policy is not people friendly at all. Every year the fees of the AKES based school increases which results in out of access to the Aga Khan Higher Secondary Schools by the common man.
    Today the tution fees has reached to 3500, which is unbearable to the poors and it shows that only the affluent member of the society can admit their children to these institutions.
    The Aga Khan Higher Secondary Schools have history of providing quality education in the GB without discriminating between the rich and poor. But this partcular policy shows that only the rich can afford it, which can bring bad name to its reputation.
    I think this policy should be revisited and make it easy to the poor people of the region to get access to quality education.

  14. I definitely agree with Mr. Darjaat, Can a rural support Programme continue to become out of reach for the masses who are generaly poor.

  15. The annual increase is the policy of AKESP, please don’t mix the rehabilitation and regular policies of AKDN institutions. I hope AKESP will offer a special package for clamity hit area exclusively. You are requested to please avoid spreading the messages against AKDN agencies without knowing the policies of the institutions.

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