[Opinion] The menace of addiction

by Forever Strong

No one can deny the fact that the usage of drugs is increasing in our society at an alarming rate and it is destroying the creative minds and life of our people. The addicts are becoming dependent on drugs and losing control of their lives.

I came across people who feel pride in telling others about their involvement in substance abuse. They think of themselves as ” King of the World ” and feel good about it. Little do they know that not only are they making a hell out of their lives but they are also responsible for destroying the lives of others, including their families!

Drugs not only handicap people physically and mentally but they also have financial impact. Suppliers and manufacturers are the ones getting benefits at the expense of the addicts.

Drugs also affect our personal relationships in such a way that the factor of trust, self-esteem and integrity become weak and the distinction between human beings and other animals gets blurred. Unknowingly a person starts destroying his own life and becomes a liability instead of being a support for himself and his family!

GOD has provided most of us with good health so that we use our abilities to explore his world, work for humanity and and create a healthy working environment for our people rather than getting high and forgetting our duties.

It is our responsibility to spread this message to everyone that GOD has given us such a beautiful gift known as life to fulfill our duties. It is in our own hands that whether we use it in a positive way and make the best of of it or just keep systematically destroying ourselves.

The choice, of course, is ours!

Forever Strong is a nick name used by the original writer.

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  1. @Forever Strong
    The above article is well written,which depict the menace and miseries of drugs. Drugs have grown its roots in our society and social systems and it is encourage on many festival and ocassions.
    If we look at our surrounding,we observe that the usage of drugs is maximum among our educated youth and ellite.Inspite of the fact knowing its menance and consquences still these young romance with it. So! The million dollar question is why these youth are spoiling their lives and family even knowing about this curse?
    Media has played a vital role in projecting this curse so far, in most of the movie the bravo of the film are engaged with drugs thus which is motivating factor for the youth as these heroes are the ideal of these youth.
    Thus the real chgallenge is to stop this curse among the educated youth who are the leader of our future.Something real is need to be done using all sources of communication.

  2. it is a good attempt to highlight the main issue facing most of our youth . i think the main reason behind this problem is the increasing distance between religion and social life. every child must be taught the HOLY QURAN in their ages.

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