Peshawar based GB youth vow to strive for unity and prosperity

Educated youth are the hope for a better future of Gilgit - Baltistan

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Peshawar, April: Peshawar based young students belonging to different parts of Gilgit -Baltistan vowed to work together to bring peace and prosperity to the region. They had gathered to welcome new students who got admission in different universities and colleges of Peshawar, Khyber – Pakhtunkhawa.

The gathering had been organized by Peshawar Chapter of the Gilgit – Baltistan Students Forum.

Speaking at the occasion, students said that the GBSF can play an important role in bringing the students together and creating an environment of mutual respect and harmony in the diversely populated Gilgit – Baltistan region.

The students also emphasized on raising awareness about rights and duties, to mobilize the youth for resolution of long standing issues.

The students of GB also said that their genuine demand of separating GB’s quota from Chitral will be pursued in the months ahead.

It is pertinent to note that almost all GB students live at hostels in the capital of KPK province, where many are studying agriculture, business, commerce, medicine and engineering, among others.

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  1. Dear Students!

    Through the esteemed website of Pamir Times, I would like to convey my deepest concerns for the present situation and scenario of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), especially the deteriorating situation of Gilgit city.

    My dear young students, you are the hope and future of our nation of GB. Please come out and struggle for permanent peace in GB. My advice would be to all of you; Please spread love and harmony among the masses, instead of hatred, show hope and light to the masses, instead of darkness, educate your siblings up to a maximum level, atleast masters, don’t discriminate between males and females, provide equal opportunities to all, if they’ve guts, first try to become a role-model and good humanbeing rather a flawed muslim. Masha Allah we all the masses of GB (Sunnis, Shias, Ismailis and Noorbakhshis), are true followers of Deen of Allah (SWT), His last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Then I wonder, why we are busy in killing our fellow muslims and each other in the name of religion? Let Allah (SWT) to judge and decide regarding our destiny, who is on right or wrong path, and please don’t take the law of nature into your own hands. Please keep yourself and your well-wishers away from all contraband items, which are totally forbidden in our religion and educate it’s dangerous affects on human health, especially on forcibley second-hand users. You all better know that due to our confrontations and hatred, all the money of GB is going to maintain the law and order situation, which is meant to be for our development.

    Nature is very kind with us (four seasons, 12-month snow covered highest mountains in the world, beautiful rivers, lakes, water falls, green fields, orchards, delicious fruits, beautiful valleys, natural forests, precious wildlife, precious jemstones, healthy livestock in the summer, but not in winter, due to lack and shortage of fodder, and above all beautiful and healthy people and uncountable natural gifts), but some of us are unthankful to God and cruel people on earth. Your motherland would become Switzerland on tourism, if we live peacefully. Please convey my wake-up call to all your colleagues, your parents, your masses, unless it’s too late! It’s my firm belief that the future ahead is the era of science and technology and certainly there would be no room for illiterate person(s), who want to live in stone ages.

  2. i wonder,how ardeous and difficult it actaually is to unite-even in todays epoch of fast technology driven communication options.

  3. i swear if mine GB has to developed then the only hope is Peshawar because Pukhtunz and Gbianz are same in colour face structure mostly and even few in culture and next thing that that local peoples have really warm welcome when we introduce ourself as Gbian there also a lot off unies and colleges welcome our region peoples.
    so i wish more and more peoples of GB should learn Pashto too REASON is very clear that in Afghanistan a lot of jobs oppertunites so then the boundries will expand from GB and PAkistan to till Afghansitan try to under stand what i said if not please read it again.
    i love ma GB
    Allah bless GB from all bad things.

  4. Where are the GB girls who are based in Peshawar, I don’t see any in the photo of ‘GB youth’!

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