"PYF's imprisoned leader denied access to health facilities"

PT Report

Gilgit, September 26: The imprisoned leader of Progressive Youth Front Baba Jan, has been suffering from different diseases. He is suffering from higher level of Uric Acid in his body.

The above information has been shared by PYF sources, who has accused the jail authorities of denying health facilities to Baba Jan. The PYF leader had surrendered himself in front of a court in Gilgit, after several failed attempts of the GB police to arrest him in, alleged,connection with the 08/11 murder triggered riots in Hunza Valley.

The PYF has also alleged that a secret agency had allegedly tortured Baba Jan for three days.

Labour Party Pakistan has also made similar accusations.

Leftist and nationalist groups have started a campaign to demand freedom for Baba Jan and his companions.

It is pertinent to note that GBLA Speaker, Wazir Baig, had termed the 08/11 murder of a two IDPs in Aliabad to be part of a well planned conspiracy. Riots had erupted after the murder of two IDPs, father and son, by police.

Several dozens of people were arrested by police and other law enforcing organizations after the riots in which government buildings and vehicles had been torched and several police officials were roughed up by the angered mobs.

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  1. It shows the frighten attitude of the establishment in GB. to give medical assistance is the right of every prisoner regardless of his act either by right or wrong means.
    Mr. Baba Jan has been imprisoned to cater the issue. We strongly condemn such act of brutality shown by the law enforcement agency and the interim deceased government.

  2. This is violation of the right of a prisoner. Comrade Baba Jan and others arrested are prisoners of conscience. there only crime was they spoke for the rights of IDPs and mobilized people to speak for them.

    The minister for law, justice and human rights should take notice of this.

    The Chairman Gb Chief Court should take suo moto action.

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