Flood in Jutial and Barmas Nalla and landsliding in Naekoe, residents of Gilgit city afraid

by Asghar Khan and Abbas Wafa

Gilgit, August 11: The Jutial Nalla was flooded yesterday at around 7 pm due to thunderstorm and heavy rains. All houses at Jutial, Yasin, Hussainabad and Daimir colony were vacated to ensure safety of the residents. No casualty was reported due to the floods in Jutial region.

The flood had damaged the NATCO Head office boundary wall and main Gilgit road near MP Check post. Water channels of Yasin colony, Zulfiqarabad, Jutial, and Khomer have also been damaged. Supply of drinking water to Khomar has been disrupted due to the floods. Depth of the flooded stream near Shul-e-Yal’s boundary wall has increased by around 30 feet.

Due to heavy rains yesterday night people from Baseen were also evacuated to safer locations.

Landsliding at the mountains of Naekoe damaged several houses yesterday night.

The Barmas Nalla was also flooded due to lightening and thunderstorm but no loss has been reported so far.

Fear seems to have gripped residents of Gilgit city surrounded by natural disasters. The local people have demanded that in future more attention needs to be paid to land planning and hazard mapping.

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  1. is there anyone who could tell me how Mr. Khushi Mohammad Tariq, Radio Gilgit, is faring? Sorry to bother you, but I am very concerned. thank you

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