JUI supports Wazir Baig among others for the post of governor

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Gilgit, November 6: The Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam (JUI) has proposed four names for the position of governor, including Wazir Baig, Jahangeer, Inayat Ullah Shumali and Sher Jahan Mir.

It has also demanded five key posts in the GB government, as a coalition partner. It is pertinent to note here that JUI has four candidates in the assembly, out of whom only two are elected and the other two are nominated members.

JUI has said that a male should be appointed as Governor of Gilgit – Baltistan in line with ‘culture and traditions of the region’.

The Jamiat has also expressed ‘concern’ over alleged corruption in the flood relief distributed by PML (N).

In a meeting of the central body the Jamiat leaders congratulated GBLA for announcing establishment of the provincial public service commission.


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  1. No uniqueness and logic seems behind the names proposed by JUI for governorship. As we have a lot of towering personalities and key figures in GB who are suitable and legitimate for such apex post. A few names can be mentioned below;
    1. Mr. Afzal A. Shigri (former IGP Sindh and Comandant FC)
    2. Mr. Prince Barkat Ali (served in different high commissiona and embassies of Pakistan abroad as Secretory)
    3. Mr. Brig. (r) Saleem
    4. Mr. G M Skandar
    5. Mr. Akbar Hussain Akbar (Most senior jornalist and intellectual, now serving in PTV)

    The nomination of key posts like governorship must not be on sectarian or linguistic basis. It would create internal subversions and mistrust among the dwellers of GB. The nomination should be on merit, apart from sect, language, tribe, frontier or any other difference.

  2. Then Why names only from one sect? do you want to draw yet another line to divide? for God’s sake, come out of the nut shell, think positivity, the names you have given are no doubt are our proud, our heads are high because of personalities like them, but please think of some more names from all communities, like
    Mir Jehan Shah
    Brig (r) Hisamullah Beg
    Col (r) Sher Khan
    Col (r) Salman Beg
    and many more there.
    God bless you

  3. Dear Mr. Baig. Please come out of these retired army officials. You can best suggest any intellectual person, dedicated volunteers or political activists. I know these retired officers, they have served and are serving their own or family interests, so far. sorry to say.

    Mr. Waziri has suggested all from the same sect and you suggested all from the same family circle. No difference between u boths thinking.

  4. To say that the governor for GB must be a non-partisan intellectual, administrator of impeccable record, or development professional with a track-record of achievement and commitment, is to be naive. The reality of contemporary politics is as corrupt as it was during the time of Machiavelli, under the rule of the notorious Medici family. Therefore we must expect a person of tainted record, who has links with corrupt power-brokers of Islamabad, and who will serve not our land Gilgit-Baltistan but his higher-ups and cronies in different parts of Pakistan. All these powerful personalities from down-country are people with specific agendas: to extract resources locally but present it as if they are bringing about governance to the traditional and tribal system of GB.

    The very urge in our people to field candidates of their own sectarian, or ethnic background is symptomatic of deep fragmentation of our society from which these alien power-brokers so fondly enjoy.

  5. @ Hunzukutz. dear, names I suggested are not from one family neither one sect, I just wanted to say that there should be more names if a debate is needed, other wise desires of mine and yours will be only a dream as PPP is the Lion of the jungle to decide the destiny.
    If you think I have mentioned two names from the Beg family then one should not have worries about, as their uncle is one of the5 heros of liberation war of Gilgit / Baltistan and he was also a soldier.

  6. @ Hunzukutz. Not only them but Col. Sher Khan is more deserving as this is his father who earned us the land free from Hindus and we today speak so loudly and proudly.

  7. Dear Mr. baig as for as sect is concerned two major sects exist in GB i.e. Shia (Shia Imamia and Shia Ismailia) and Sunni. It should be noted that in Zia regime Shia Imamia struggled to include Ismailies into Shia school of thought. The names which I mentioned above covers both sects; e.g. Mr. Brig. (r) Saleem belongs to Sunni sect and is a nationalist one, so he is recommended. Other personalities belong to Shia sect but have impartial views and nationalist thoughts. Like these key figures there may be many names for the post. As I said earlier that the nomination of Governor, on ethenic or ethical basis would exacerbate and aggravate the situation in future.

    Mr. Bag is belieing and keeps bombastic views.

  8.  Dear Hassan Waziri.
    Not much to comment over but to say,
    “The evidence belies the testimony of the witness”
    Hope you got my point.
    God speed

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