[Pictory] Missing already – Digital art


Raheel Lakhani has created this combination of images to convey his feelings through what is being called the Digital Art. Raheel is an amateur artist, based in Karachi. 

An increasing number of youth from Gilgit – Baltistan are also using different softwares to produce graphics. A much higher number of youth of Gilgit – Baltistan, today, is equipped with digital cameras. The potential of youth and the availability of resources asks for creation of oppotunities where the young and old are able to express their inner most feelings in modern ways.

How, in your opinion, can such opportunities be created and how can this contribute to overall progress of our society?

Let’s discuss.

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One Comment

  1. This sort of Art really amazing which Raheel and others are doing can be protecting under the laws available in Pakistan from unauthorised use. The artist can get benefit of such artistic work for you’re own or to the society of sales of these software’s and graphics to the Companies, Partnership firms and/or Sole proprietor concerns in prospect of there need and requirement.

    Amir Ali

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