Man killed, two women injured in accident near Hasanabad Hunza

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA, December 29: A person was killed and two others injured in a road accident near Hassanabad village in Hunza on Tuesday evening.

According to police sources a Gilgit bound jeep met with an accident near Hasanabad, killing Bakhtawar Shah, 46,  son of Naubahar Shah from Shimshal.

Two sisters Mah Jabeen and Dilshad Bano from Oshkandas Gilgit have been injured in this accident. The injured have been shifted t to Gilgit after receiving first aid at the Aga Khan Health Center, Aliabad.

Bakhtawar Shah was one of the founding members of Naubahar Community-based English Model School in Shimshal and Mah Jabeen was working as the Principal of Naubahar School.

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  1. Sad tragedy, May God bless the departed soul and grant speedy recovery and good health to the survivals.

  2. it is a shocking new indeed not for the only effected family also a big and big lose for all shimshalis.who devoted his life for the betterment,devlopment and stability of shimshal and esteblished a beautifull building known as nowbahar publice school .which is not poroviding only education but also finacial assistance for the needed family.
    this news is not shocking for the family members,every one from shimshal to karachi and abroad are also shocked.we can pray that my moula rest his soul in eternal peace.


    rehmat raheem shimshali

  3. Its unbelievable! its a big loss and its irrecoverable loss for the family and for the community of shimshal! Late Bakhtawar Shah was a great social worker, his service to the community as Scout and later Volunteer is unforgettable,he was a visionary person and had deep interest to promote education in that remote ,far flung valley l, Nowbahar Welfare is a key Proof of his wisdom and vision.
    i express my deep sympathy with bereaved Family and pray may Mula Pak rest the departed soul in eternal Peace! (Ameen)

  4. So sad to know that. I pray that the departed soul rests in eternal peace and May Allah give patience and strength the family. I also pray for the recovery and good health of those sisters who got injuries (Aamin).

    Sultan Ahmed

  5. Really a big shock and loss for the whole region, he was one of the leading personality of the community and my heartiest condolence goes to the grieved family members and may the departed soul rest in peace…Ameen..

  6. So sad, I pray that the departed soul may rest in eternal peace and my heartfelt condolence to the grieved family.

    I also pray for the early recovery of the injured persons.

  7. Shocking news indeed. It is my pray that the departed soul rests in enternal peace and may Bari-e- Tallah give courage and patience the bereaved family… (Aameen)

    Mohammad Jalil

  8. It is a very sad moment not only for the family and the people of shimshal but also for the entire Gojal for the loss of the presious life of late Bakhtawar Shah was, it is a big loss to the community to loose such a great social worker and great Volunteer. his visionary work for the community will always be rememberd. May Mowla Bless him and rest his soul in iternal peace, my mowla give strength to the family members to bear this loss.

    “Innalillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon”
    i express my deep sympathy are with the greaved family of Late Bakhtawar Shah

    From: Fayyaz Ahmed & Family

  9. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Lillaihi Rajiun!!!!

    I was really shocked when I heard this sad news. Late Mr.Bakhtawar was so nice and wise man. Being a neighbor of him I always found him very friendly with every person.

    Being a Wood Badger Scout he always guided me how to solve any issue or how to train and organize different activities for the scouts when I was the GSL of Noor Colony Scouts. The Noor Colony Scouts will always remember his efforts and guidelines in their life.

    I pray may Allah give departed soul rests in eternal peace and May Allah give patience and strength to his family.

    I pray for the quick recovery of the injured persons.

    Bagh, AJ&K

  10. Late Mr.Bakhtawar was a social activist; his death is a big loss for the region. May Moula rest his soul in eternal peace…

  11. Very sad news indeed. My deep condolences to the breaved family. May Allah Almighty rest the departed soul in eternal peace. (Aameen)
    The same time i pray for the quick recovery of the two injured sisters.

  12. Dear Readers of PT,
    First of all I would like to thank you all on behalf of my entire family for your sympathy and prayers.
    The sad demise of my uncle Bakhtawar has really shocked our family and is an irreparable loss which would remain part of our sad memories for ever.
    Dear reader, Late Bakhtawar Shah was although not very much educated but was really a visionary man. His commitment to the people of his area and his contributions in the field of education are remarkable and praise worthy. He put his utmost efforts towards the establishment of an English medium school in Shimshal and went on to all those possible options which could help the deprived and deserving students of the region. His dreams came true when a splendid and magnificent building was build in the very core of Shimshal valley first ever in the history of Shimshal.His dreams got more depth as the building started its function as an autonomous body in providing modern education to the innocent children of Shimshal keeping in view the requirments of the time and pertinence of the situation. His vision was so broad that keeping in view the scarce of subject specialists in the region, he went on taking help of the educated female teachers belonging to the various parts of Gilgit by providing them with all the necessary facilities towards the effective teaching mechanism.He also arrnaged for the lodging and boarding of the teachers to avoid any kind of perturbation towards their routine teaching related activities and ultimately towards the fulfillment of the set goal.One of the sister who also lost her life was basically from Oshikandas and was serving the Shishal community in the capacity of Principal for the Naubahar Public School.

    Before the inception of the English Medium school late Bakhtawar Shah laid the foundation of Nawbahar Social and Welfare Organization where some of the think tanks and well qualified individuals of the region have their membership and due role. In brief the role of this platform is to work as a governing body for the implementation and execution of the various projects related to Educational and social welfare of the dwellers of Shimshal valley.

    Late Bakhtawar shah was also an enthusiastic scout and has great contributions towards the establishment and promotion of Scouting in Shishal.During his tenure as a GSL he has done alot in mobilizing and motivating the youth towards constructive works.

    He was much anxious to see the young blood progressing in the field of education and has left behind a daughter who is already out of Shishal for her Bachelor degree education.

    His aim was to see Shimshal moving abreast with the other areas of the region in the field of education.

    The people of Shimshal have spent a very tough and challenging life as had no connection with the world because of the route which just turned to a jeep able road just a couple of years back.

    He was a diverse kind of person having multidimensional approach towards the day today related affairs and was very clear about his obligations and vision.

    For me he was not just an uncle rather a good friend who on timely basis used to float some very concrete based ideas which really inspired me and motivated me to be more constructive in life.

    I have just tried to expose a few traits of him and would require more time and more energy to overview his better thoughts and their implementation for a noble cause.

    I pray for the eternal peace of the departed soul and thank you all once again for sharing your sympathy and affiliations.

    All the very best
    Aslam Khan Ghalib

  13. I was really shocked and stunned by the sad news of the suddenly demise of our dear Bakhtawar Shah. INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAJION May Allah give his soul the eternal peeace and give courage to his family to bear with this great loss. He was known to me for a long time as a scout, volunteer, social worker, community mobilizer, poineer in enhancing quality education, a hardworking human being and a friend. He was very much clear in his vision for quality education and had great ampthy for the community. It is an unrepairable loss to the intire jamat in Gojal and particularly Shimshal.

  14. Very sad tragedy, May Allaha bless with Janat ul Firdous the departed soul and grant speedy recovery and the best health to the survivals, Ameen!

  15. Alas! BaKhtawar Shah(Late) was my friend, was very nice man.
    May Maula’s mercy be upon his soul and gives sipiritual strenght to his family to bear this great loss.

  16. Our deepest condolences to the family of Bakhtawar Shah, who we know well from many visits to Shimshal. It is a shocking loss. Kim and I feel the tragedy and offer our prayers.

  17. we extend our heartifelt condolence to the family members and to the people of Shimshal as we have lossed a patriotic youth no doubt (waqat har aik shay ko mita dhaitha hay magar insaani khidmat kabi raaygan nahee hotha). Bakthawar shah devoted his life for the batterment of youth and communities certainly he will be remembered till the end.

    We pray may Allah rest his soul in eternal peace Aamin

    Ali Masud & family


  18. Bakhtawar Shah was one of the most outstanding persons whom I’ve met in my time in the Karakoram Mountains. His committement and help for other persons was just incredible. He’s gone away too early but he and his doings will last in our minds over time!

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