Photographs of destruction in Shishkat and Gulmit

Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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  1. Thank you PT team for posting up dates about Gojal, May moula give enough courage and patience to the people living their and watching destruction’s of their properties in front of them. It’s highly difficult time for all of us belong to Gojal, God knows how much time and destruction will it take but what ever the situation will be I hope people of Gojal will never give up. We will work united to bring back the heaven. Inshaallah.

    Aktau Kazakhstan

  2. The soil of Gojal will never ever forgive the responsible leadership and all those who are part of the game of converting a small disaster to a massive destruction. These corrupt figures always wait for such disasters………..

  3. Agonizing !! Nature didn’t destroyed us, but the government did. The first episode was a natural disaster, but this second one isn’t, it is in fact a man made disaster inflicted upon us by the incompetent government. They treated us like aliens, and aliens in fact we are for the browns from the plains, but I ask are we the same for our own leaders? Why our so called leaders didn’t got the courage to keep the prestige of the public mandate? Why they timidly received dictations from the bureaucracy and those sitting at Islamabad?

    We have been ignored since we have been fooled into joining Pakistan. This disaster in itself proved that the so called self governance order for our region is nothing more than a scrap of dust into our eyes. The GBLA, the CM and ministers are bulwarks of those sitting in the federation. Titles and portfolios doesn’t matter, what really matters is true and sincere leadership, leadership that is really rooted into the masses. We can only hope for divine providence at this moment. God is always with the sufferer if no man is.

  4. Deep jis ka mehlaat hee mein jalay
    Chund logoon kee khushioon ko lay kar chalay
    Voh jo sayay mein har muslehat kay chalay
    Aisay dastoor ko subha-e-benoor ko
    Mein naheen maanta, mein naheen jaanta

    Mein bhi khaif naheen takhtaa dar say
    Mein bhee mansoor houn keh do aghyar say
    Kyon Dartey ho zandaan kee divaar say
    Zulm kee baat ko, jail kee raat ko
    Mein naheen maanta, mein naheen jaanta

    Phool shakoon peh khilnay lagay, tum kaho
    Jam rindoon koe milnay lagay tum kaho
    Chak seenoon kay silnay lagay tum kaho
    Iss khulay jhoot, zehain kee loot ko
    Mein naheen maanta, mein naheen jaanta

    Tum nein loota hai sadiyoon hamara sakoon’
    Ab naa hum par chalay gaa tumhara fasoon’
    Chaaragar mein tumhein kiss tarah say kahoon’?
    Mein naheen maanta, mein naheen jaanta

  5. Thank you uncle Zufiqar for updating us!
    The prevailing dam is engulfing our home towns slowly and gradually but our so called leaders are still defending their positions and ill strategies. The PPP government along with NDMA and FWO had failed to coup with this crises at emergence levels. No any tangible effort had been made to overcome it.
    The people of Gojal demand a judicial iquiry of this official negligence and urges the supreme judiciary to brings the perpetrator to justics.

  6. He whose light shines only in palaces
    Who seeks only to please the few
    Who moves in the shadows of compromise
    Such a debased tradition, such a dark dawn
    I do not know, I will not own
    Like audacious Mansoor I declare
    I have no dread of the hangman’s plank.
    Why do you fear the prison walls?
    These acts of cruelty, these nights in jail
    I will not accept, I will not condone.
    You say: flowers are blooming on branches.
    You say: the deprived are receiving vine.
    You say: their bruised breast are healing.
    This blatant lie, this corruption of the intellect
    I will not accept, I do not accept.
    For centuries you robbed our peace
    Your spells can no longer bedevil us.
    Know you as the saviour some proclaim?
    I do not own, I will not allow.

  7. dear Zulfi
    thanks for your nice job about the upted on this difficult time and the disaster form the Govment of Pakistan,
    it is created by the Leaders the top offical,so the brave people of Gojal will be soon relesed with this disester
    Inshallah ,God bless you and our Homeland

    zahid Ali

    Proffessional Development Center North
    Gilgit GB

  8. These are the most depressing moments of our life time, we are seeing these images with deep sorrow and grief. The world keeps on looking at us being ruined by the lake water due to the criminal negligence or willful act of our own government and our leaders.

    I am surprised that what is the moral ground of their stay in the GB assembly when they are never heard and nor the assembly bothered to convene a special session to discuss the most devastating event of the modern times with such a huge impact on the region both physically and economically. What is behind their silence, is it lack of will even at the GB level, if it is so then this is really bad for the future of the region.

    The leadership has really shown their lack of interest from the day one of this event as our “able” chief minister did not bother to turn up untill weeks at the disaster site because he was so busy with other “important” visits.

    I am personally very hopeless of this regime for their abilities and priorities demonstrated during this national disaster of Gilgit Baltistan in the modern history and they failed so shamelessly.

    As the disaster is not over and the worst part is unfolding in the days to come, I wish they restart to think about this region now and act appropriately correcting all their mistakes and reunite the people.

  9. this is very crucial time for us..we r seeing our beloved gojal submerging in front of us due to the carelessness of govt.may moula give us courage to cope with this situation.

  10. Dear Zulfi and team, at the moment I can only appreciate your untired efforts to keep us updated.

  11. Gojal mujhe mahaf kare…….Me ap ko nai bacha saka. Shaitan marboot boht taqatwar the. Un ki chal ki waja se mujhe ap ko khona para…….Meri DHARTI MAA mit gayi…..Mera GAWN doob gaya…..
    Ab thum be nai bacho ge…….waqat thum pe be aye gi…….Thum apne chalaki me kamyab rahe……Phr ye be na bhool ki thum ne pure Gojaliu ko jagaya hai……Jo apne ILM ki taqat se thume nai chorenge….Aaj na sahi, tho kal…..
    Gojalio YAHI AB THUM ME SE HAR AIK KA ASSLI JAHAD HAI…..Agr Zalimu ko salakhu ka shakal nai dikhaya tho phr thum logu ka KHUDA HAFIZ……….Marna hi behter hoga aesi zindagi se…..

  12. Thank you Zulfi for updating us about the current situation there. May I request you to post some pictures from Shishakt as well. I appreciate yours’ and your team’s efforts to keep us in picture about the desaster in our homeland. Inshallah we will do our best as soon as we will get relief after the outburst of the lake. Once again thank you very much.

  13. I am at loss……. No words to express my feelings. Oh God Save our homeland.

  14. Thanks for the update.
    Whoever rated down Asam Saaed’s comment is morally corrupt person. Dont blindly support your corrupt masters. We should admire the Government when they do something good but criticise them where they are wrong. Unfortunately the present governmanet is not doing anything good and due to them our country is facing one disaster after the other.
    The situation in Hunza could easily be avoided if the authorities would act at the right time. But they let it happen and now we are facing a water bomb.
    May Allah keep people of area safe from the worst case scenario which is unfortunately looking inevitable.

  15. Dear Zulfiqar,
    Everyone is Appreciating ,thought i can aslo salute your and your Team members continous Efforts in bringing real pictures to the outside word.

    What if there was no Pamir Times during this disaster period?
    What We Would have known about Gojal LAKE or Hunza Diasters?

    We are all horrified and Shocked with the criminal behaviours of our GB Administration and the Enitire officials of NDMA,FWO,All Politicians from GB including Kaira X,Governor and Priminister of Pakistan and including President of Pakkistan,
    Guys You PT have played a vital role in bringing the best Show aYou could do for Gojal and Enitre Hunza VAlley.You showed the TRUE face and Reality from this disaster Situations to the outside world,There was no single day in USA we have not checked PT for the love of our beloved Motherland Gojal-Hunza.Since this landslide happend.There was no any means of Communications but to check PT updates on daily basis though we have time diffrence with Pakistan

    Hats Off to all you Guys for the Tremandous shows you all put up.

    We will build Gojal Again inshalah’ We will Make sure this time to build more better Gojal. This was Wakeup call for all of Us.Lets Accept it and lets now all think positive,God give us all Gojlys from Evils Eyes

    Lets Pray for UNITY & STRENGTH..With all our brothers and Sisters Who are facing horrific situations every hours from this water rise,
    Lets pray that our Conditions come back to normal in Gojal, lets hope that,After the lake burst atleast govt of Pakistan now Can accept the reality and challanges what we the Gojalis are Facing.I hope one day Pakistan will realize the volume of damage they have intentiolly done to the both infrastructure and to the Economy of Pakistan.


    WE have to Help ourself,Gojalis its Time to get United and to bring Justice to our entire GB.Tomorrow is Ours

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