[Corrigendum] Lake barrier’s height to be reduced by 30 meters, project to be completed in 2 years

Based on an erroneous information obtained through the official website of Associated Press of Pakistan (the country’s official news agency which claims to be “Pakistan’s Premier News Source”), Pamir Times had reported that the governments of China and Pakistan have agreed to lower barrier of the dammed Hunza River by 30 feet.

However, the APP later published another report which negates the statistics shared earlier on its website.

According to the new data

  • Height of the lake barrier will be reduced by 30 meter (98.42 feet), not 30 feet, as earlier reported
  • Project will be completed in 2 years, not 6 years, as earlier reported.

We sincerely regret the unintentional misinformation due to source error.

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  1. If they are able to realize their ambitious plan, this is the best gift at the end of this eventful year…

  2. and in the mean time ,will KKH be closed or will there be a temporary bye- pass.

    I wish the first contract would hv been given to Chinese.this problem would not hv been there

    I personally feel ,in coming June/July with high flow of water ,the barrier will breach

  3. I feel that they are going to do nothing at all, they have been asked by their masters (United States) to keep the barrier as long as possible, they have done it quite successfully keeping Chinese unable to use the KKH.

    My dear readers, here the great game is underway, let’s see how the chinese move come forth. I see one thing that is going to happen so bad for all of us and that is the Chinese will lose confidence in our government and the people.

    The second bad thing for the upstream effected villages is the summer peak flow will destroy us once again while the poor farmers would not be able to grow potatoes yet another time.

    We are left to live with the lake for ever. May Allah destroy those who willfully destroyed the peace loving and hard working people of Shiskat, Ayenabad, Gulmit, Ghulkin and Hussaini.

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